Freedom for Yourself

It is up to you to create freedom for yourself, right now. There is no point in waiting for anyone or any group or cause to save you. No one is going to give it to you.

Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it. Malcolm X.

The only way is to just grab your freedom. To take it. To rip it off the wall and carry it out with you. You were born free but others have stolen it from you. If someone steals something from you, you are justified in taking it back.

You do whatever it takes to take back your personal freedom. You do whatever it takes to hold onto the freedom you have and the freedom you obtain. You realize that freedom is it. That it is what you want, it is what you crave. It is what gives you life. You want freedom for yourself. You also realize that trying to be free is something you do for you, not others. If others want to join you, and me, they can. But it does not matter if they do or don't. If they do not want to be free, that will not stop you. It is your freedom mindset that is important. You do not need anyone else.

The ones in power have the guns, the money and the power. Trying to get them to give you your freedom back is a lost cause. Why would they give you freedom when they have worked so hard and schemed so cunningly for so long to steal it from you?

The idea that any politician, benevolent or not, or any government would give back the power they have spent all this time and all this effort on is ridiculous. It makes no sense. Why have they gone to so much trouble to obtain the power and limit your freedom? It is obvious that they crave the power that taking your freedom gives them. Stop believing lies about how the government is trying to help you.

They can only obtain and keep power by taking freedom from you. They have no other way.

No one is going to walk up to you and say that they made a mistake taking your freedom, here it is back. You can be free only if you make the effort to be so.

No, they will continue to take it from you. You know this is true. The abuses of government and the loss of freedom is well described on sites like this - Renew Freedom

It is up to you to not let them. It will be difficult to challenge them directly. You cannot just go up to the authorities demanding your rights without the police coming down on you. You cannot even film the police beating some poor innocent person up without them taking out their rage on you.

My way is to avoid all this nonsense altogether. You start by taking simple freedom for yourself in whatever way you can.

Freedom is a mindset. It is a way of carrying yourself. It is how you order your life and deal with others. It is how you prepare for your independence. It is how you set about your life to avoid dealing with those who would want to restrict your freedom even more. It is your attitude towards those in power. It is knowing, deep down, that you will not get freedom for yourself and you will not be free by the normal methods of voting, running for office, supporting governments or even rioting.

You will not be free by joining the military. The reasons not to join military are mainly to keep your own freedom. You cannot be free when you are being told what to do every moment of the day. You cannot be free if you are dead or maimed. You cannot live a free life if you are tormented by the thought of the innocent people you have killed or help to kill. Keep freedom for yourself by making a living in a free manner.

If you are free you will protect yourself and not look to others like the police and military to protect you. You know that the police and military are there to keep you in your place not provide anything of value to you.

If you are free you will look at politicians and government bureaucrats with disdain and disgust.

You will realize that every President, by virtue of wanting the job is not qualified to have it.

You will look down your nose at the TSA agents feeling you up. You will not make pleasant chit-chat with them. You will look at them with disgust like a bug crawling up your wall.

You will not think that military service is a great thing for young men.

You will realize that we have lived through

The Apocalypse and do not even realize it.

You will not think the police are friendly and are here to help. They aren't. They are here to enforce the rules of the powers in control. They are here to hurt you if you step out of line. They are here to jail you or kill you if you protest too much. You will realize that the police have to be avoided.

You will never say we need to do something. You will only be thinking what can I do. How can I deal with this situation.

I cannot even drive by a cop on the road without being disgusted by their presence. If I am alone I scream obscenities at them and flip them the bird. If I am with someone, I mutter disparaging remarks to let whoever is with me that I hate the police. In my world, there would be no cops on the road. The only useful function they serve is to come to your aid if you are stranded. The cop really does not do anything more useful than call a tow truck. A few tow trucks on the roads would be much more useful.

But freedom for yourself is more than just the government, police, the military and excessive laws and regulations making your life difficult. You need to start with social freedom in your relationships.

One of the most restrictive things a man can do is get married. Marriage may have served a useful function at one time. There may even be some good marriages out there. But the couple is not good together because they are married. They are good together because of the love they share and their compatibility together. They do not need a marriage to have that.

My problem with marriage is that many wives will want to more or less own you. Your life will not be your own. You cannot have freedom for yourself if your wife insists on you being the way she wants you to be.

The other major problem is that if you want to end the marriage, it is very difficult, time consuming and expensive to do so.

Instead of just saying I do not want to be with you anymore and leaving, now you have to hire an expensive attorney, go through all kinds of time consuming proceedings and in the end you end up owing your ex-wife a ton of money for years.

If you were not married none of that would have happened. If you want to leave, you just leave. You take freedom for yourself starting there. Smart men leave, only dumb men stay. You take steps to be ready to leave. You set about your life as if you matter. You make your life and your freedom and your happiness the most important thing to you. You do this because freedom for yourself is the most important thing to you.

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