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This book is not about how you are an undisciplined slob without any self control. You are fat because something in your life is not right.

Obviously, you eat way too much. That is not right. But why do you eat so much? That is what you need to come to terms with. Your life is wrong in some way and you cope by eating.

This little, free book will help you. This is not a long, boring book you are not going to bother reading. It is about 50 short pages with a different way of thinking about weight and how you need to think differently about your life.

It has always troubled me that I am very productive, very energetic, very good at many things but still have a hard time losing weight. I believe I have discovered why that is so and I am sharing it in this book.

My thought is that I eat too much because my life is not how I want it.

If you honestly think this through you will see that the reason you are fat and the reason you cannot lose weight is that something is wrong in your life and you use food to cope.

It is not that there is so much good, fattening food available. That type of food is available because people like you and I crave it and need it to cope with a substandard life and sometimes a life of sheer misery.

Here is the Table of Contents to Fat Man Improvement:

The Problem Defined.

1. Get Some Sun

2. Sleep More

3. Lifting Weights and Exercise

4. Facial Hair

5. Wear Correct Clothing

6. Buy Things For You

7. Do What You Want

8. Forget Others

9. Think Big, Not Fat

10. Improve Your Testosterone

11. Good Looking, Successful Big Men

12. Do What Lean Guys Do

13. Simpler Ways to Eat Less


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You owe it to yourself to start thinking differently about your weight and your life. Your health matters. You matter. You need to think about the type of life you are leading and how you can live far better and be much happier and much healthier.

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