Easy Self Improvement Tips
To Feel Better Fast

These self improvement tips are fast, easy and they work. You do not always have to make personal development and self improvement difficult. You can just do some simple things to make a dramatic change for the better in your life.

Your life can be made immediately better by taking steps to just feel better. Men are brainwashed and coerced into doing things that destroy how you feel. Feeling good is a lot better than feeling bad. And feeling good will make a massive shift in your self improvement.

List of Self Improvement Tips

Here is a short list of easy self improvement tips you can do to start feeling better fast:

1. Sleep more and sleep better by making sleep a priority. Sleeping more is absolutely critical to feeling better. You can do everything else right but if you do not sleeping enough it will not matter.

When I was married I never slept for 8 hours a night for more than 2 days in a row. My wife was a night owl and I had to get up early for work. My job started at 7. She always wanted me to stay up and do projects around the house with her. I would try to go to bed but she would be up late beating and banging on things and making too much noise for me to sleep.

After I left her I spend nearly 3 months sleeping as much as I could in order to feel good again. If you do nothing else, make sleeping a priority. It is the most important of the self improvement tips.

2. Get some sun. Getting outside for 15 or 20 minutes a day with few clothes on and actually feeling the sun on your skin is healthy. You will not die from a being in the sun for a few minutes. You do not need sunscreen to spend a few minutes in the sun. I have even read that sunscreens are carcinogenic. Where I live in the Wisconsin it is extremely difficult to get outside for very long in the winter, so I try to make up for it the rest of the year.

3. Eat more meat. I can always feel it when I do not eat enough meat. I feel weak, lazy, and without energy. Worst of all, I crave junk food and binge on carbohydrates. You just cannot go wrong by eating more meat and less carbohydrates.

4. Drink light, low carbohydrate beer instead of regular beer. Now that I drink Miller Genuine Draft 64 I can drink quite a bit of this type of beer and never feel the effects of drinking that I once did with regular beer. It does not make me feel bloated or thirsty the next day. It has less alcohol so that is good too. I can drink quite a bit and not really get drunk.

5. Throw away all your ugly clothes. Men seem to accumulate all kinds of ugly shirts over the years. Do yourself a huge favor and just throw them away. Do other men a favor by not giving them to charity either. This one of my self improvement tips is free to do but does cost a little more to replace your ugly clothes with good clothes. A better way is to not have so many clothes.

6. Think about what you want to do, what you want to have and how you want to be. Make detailed lists. Think of your own life. Make plans. Plan how you want to look. Plan how you want to be. Plan what you want to do. Your life is worth the time of making these plans for yourself.

7. Guard your time. People and circumstances will always be pulling at you, wanting to steal your time from what you want to do. Create a better morning routine that is centered on you, not rushing around chaotically for others.

8. Guard your mind from the harmful effects of others, especially TV and the news.

9. Find easy ways to eat less more often that does not involve massive amounts of willpower. I cut way back on how much I eat for breakfast and for lunch. Once you get used to this, you do not even miss it. I stopped eating all candy.

10. Recognize when people are using guilt to manipulate you. Men seem to bear the brunt of guilt and manipulation. Men are called to sacrifice all the time and if you are not careful you will not even realized that what you are being manipulated to do is not good for you or for anyone.

11. Eliminate people from your life who are negative and take too much out of you. This is not really a simple, easy self improvement tip to do but it is something for you to consider when you are trying to make improvements in your life.

12. Be slow to add people into your life.

13. Be patient when making big changes to your life.

14. Realize that other people will disappoint you. Other people are not here to save you, to take care of you and do exactly what you want. They are here to do what you are doing. To make the most out of their lives, just as you are trying to do.

15. Be your own best friend. Having friends tell you good things about you is great. But what is better is you telling you how great you. You telling you how good looking you are. You telling you how proud you are of what you have done and who you are.

16. With women, think of them in a more sexual way. Not with your mother, daughter or relatives, but women in general. You will just feel better about life when you look at women in this way. They may feel it too.

17) Be on the lookout for even more ideas on how to build your self esteem from others. There is great advice from people who have gone through what you need to go through. Here is a great resource to check into -

Self Improvement Works

18) Understand that self improvement for men is different than for women.

19) Concentrate on ways to stay younger. The more effort you spend on staying young the more youthful you will look and feel. If you are losing your hair, make sure you keep your hair trimmed tight to your head. Your hair will not look good all bushy on the sides. You can also check out ways to regrow your hair.

20) Model and study this Self Improvement Guide. Success Mantras is a self-improvement guide featuring success tips, articles and resources for self help, self-improvement and personal development.

These self improvement tips can mostly be done without much cost. They are more just a shift in your mindset and some action.

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