Single Dad
Your Most Important Job

I am going to find out how good of a single dad I am.

My daughter ran away from her mother to stay with me.

I am happy that she learned the lesson from me about leaving someone who will not treat her right. This is the moral development lesson I wanted my kids to learn. I was just hoping they would never need to use it.

I am heartbroken that her mother cannot get her life together enough to treat our daughter with love, kindness, decency and respect always. It is a sad, sad situation when a parent treats their child poorly.

It is wrong and it has always been wrong.

I am terrified of the future and what my ex-wife will do.

I am filled with anxiety about how this will work. Do I go to court to try to change the divorce papers? I know I should.

At least to not have to pay her so much money. I need more money to take care of the kids better.

I took my son from his mother 6 months ago and it has worked out fine. I went from a very part time single dad to a full time dad for a teenage son.

But my daughter is 4 years younger than our son. She needs different things. I do not know if I will be able to give her what she needs.

I am not sure about the money to take care of her and the time it will take.

I was hoping that my ex-wife would just be fine, take care of herself and our daughter. I was wrong.

My daughter deserves a good life, just like any other person. I need to do what it takes to help.

But I am scared of my ex-wife.

I was scared when I took my son. But at least she still had our daughter to look after.

But now, she has no one. I do not know what she is capable of.

She has a problem.

It is better for my daughter to be with me. She has said so. She poured her heart out to me. She has had it bottled up inside for too long.

But she is coming here to a 2 bedroom apartment from a very large 3 bedroom house. She had a large room with a lot of stuff and her own bathroom.

I know her stuff should not matter that much, but it does.

I am apprehensive about how she will be. Will she be happy? Will she be ok? Was living with her mother for too long going to scar her for life? Will she have enough to do? Will she be frustrated in my small apartment? Will her relatives on her mothers side want to see her? Will she still have friends? Will I be able to handle all what is needed?

When her mother and I were married we did somewhat agree on the level of activities. Your kids activities are important and now I will have to pick up the slack and make all the decisions.

I am agonizing about all this.

Why couldn't I be stronger to get her away from her mother earlier? Will she have problems from all this? How can she not?

I am trying to be a better dad. I am trying to be there for my kids. I am certainly trying to not be a bad father. That is the last thing my kids need.

Her mother is like a wrecking ball swinging slowly back and forth and breaking everything and everyone in her path.

She does not realize how she is. She is not evil, jut mixed up.

Dealing with my ex-wife makes being a single dad even harder.

When you are a single dad all the things that your wife used to handle, now you have to do. This includes buying gifts for Christmas, birthdays and Mothers Day. Now you have to do this task. You have to pick up the pieces and make things nice and special.

You have to put in the time, the money and the effort to do whatever you can. It is the fathers job after all. You created your children. You have to do your part. And your part may be huge.

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Single Dads?

You can be a good dad even if you are single or divorced. I was not a very good dad when I was married. The problems in my marriage took me farther and farther away from being the kind of father I wanted to be and what my kids needed. I had to leave my wife in order to get my life back together and be strong enough to be a good father.

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