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Personal development for men is dedicated to discussing the strategies, activities, practices and mindset necessary for every man to make your life's journey wonderful, inspired, satisfying, fulfilling, filled with an abundance of whatever you are looking for.

I believe that a life well lived is one where you are making steady improvements in the quality of your life.

I also believe that there will be times in your life where you will make tremendous leaps forward in meeting your goals and having enormous amounts of satisfaction.

Along with all these good things you will have your share of setbacks, frustrations, irritations and tragedies. The mindset you want to have with these situations is one of this is only temporary, I can work through this and I will take whatever steps are needed in order to get this bad situation behind me.

With persistent effort, planning, inspired action and a mindset of you being your own best friend, you will succeed. You can obtain whatever personal development goals you have.

The website, personal development for men is mostly for men. I am a man. Some of these ideas will work for women, but mostly they are for men.

My belief is that every man matters. Not as a cog, or as a part of society, or a piece of the puzzle, but as an individual just as good, just as important as anyone else.

You are not here to be a soldier or a drone or to have a tiny part in another person's dream.

You are not here to be ordered around.

You are not here to die for your country or to kill for your country.

You are not here to be just a provider.

You are here because you matter. You have just as much of a right to a great life as the next person. Your life matters.

If you can get it burned into your mind that you matter, then I know I will have done my job.

I cannot stress enough that you matter because you are here.

The main ideas of the Personal Development For Men website are that as a man you need to concentrate on man things and those man things include what you are most interested in and that are the most important things to you. I use my own life as an example of what I am most interested in and what is most important to me. Those things include:

Prosperity and an abundance of resources: You need money and resources to fully live your life in a manner that suits you. Your lifestyle is dependent on how much money you have available to take care of yourself and those that you love.

Relationships: You do not spend all your time alone. You will have various relationships continually throughout your life. You will want to make the most out of whatever relationships you have. You will also want to develop your awareness of when you need to move away from people who are not right for you. Relationships include women, your children, your family, your friends and people in general.

Fatherhood: More information on being a good dad and enjoying the process.

Health: You will absolutely have to concentrate on your health enough to feel good most of the time.

Fitness: How to improve your fitness to help you obtain your goals. We are all not going to be super athletes, but we all want a certain level of fitness to make our lives better.

Appearance: Your appearance is important. Appearance is affected by your health and fitness but it is also dependent on your clothing, grooming, your level of prosperity and your mindset.

Confidence: Confidence is always talked about as what women find attractive in a man. We will go into that idea and expand on it.

Self Esteem: Self esteem is considered to be one of the most important feelings you have for yourself. I call self esteem the idea of you matter. If you think you do not matter, it is a symptom of low self esteem.

Creativity: Creation may be the most important aspect of a man's life. If you are not creating, you are either destroying or staying stagnant.

Freedom: My idea of freedom is to just take it. Freedom is not something that someone gives you, it is something we all have but is something that others are continually trying to take from us. Therefore, you as a man, must take your own freedom, defend it and work towards keeping what you have and develop more. If you are waiting for someone to give you your freedom, you are a slave.

Your own personal development is the most important thing you will do in your life. Nothing even comes close in spite of what you constantly hear from others. You are not here for your god, or your religion, or your government, or your country, or your wife, or your children. You are here for you. You matter because you are here.

Enjoy your personal development journey and make your own life the most important thing in the world to you.

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