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My Favorite Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one of the most important mindset shifts you need to take to improve your life. Your life will not be good at all if you are negative. Negative thinking will spiral your life downward and it will not take that long.

Positive Thinking - I Matter

One statement sums up how to best go about positive thinking.

That statement is - I Matter.

Don't we all think this way naturally? Isn't this kind of a ridiculous question?

Or is it?

Don't we all matter? Doesn't everyone just automatically think well of themselves? Don't we love ourselves first? Isn't positive thinking done by everyone? Aren't the benefits of being positive so obvious to everyone that we are taught to be this way from a young age?

No, it should be obvious that vast numbers of people do not love themselves. They do not take care of themselves. Their self talk is not positive about themselves. They question their own judgment and look to others to decide what they should do. They give their power to someone else. They continue to do things that harm them. They continue to believe things that do not help them. They do not practice inspired living, they wait for others to tell them what to do.

Changing your mindset to the statement - I matter - will turn your life around faster than any other positive thinking idea.

Look at how the opposite of I matter has ruined countless lives sending millions of people to prison, murdering millions over the years in pointless wars and government programs and has stolen the prosperity of billions.

The opposite of Positive Thinking

If you think you do not matter then look at what can happen:

1) You will agree that taxes are not theft are enforced by gun backed violence.

2) You can be jailed for not paying taxes.

3) You can be jailed for possessing vegetation.

4) You can be jailed for what is in your blood.

5) You can be told who to kill. You will join the military and police forces and do whatever someone tells you to do no matter how barbaric and how wrong.

6) You can be told that you should be killed. You will consider dying patriotic and a good thing. You will think that someone else can tell you who needs to live and who needs to die.

7) You can be gassed to death in concentration camps for your heritage.

8) The city you live in can be bombed. Just because you happen to live in a place where the leaders are fighting with other leaders does not mean you agree with their stupid decisions.

9) You can be incinerated in a nuclear holocaust because of where you live.

10) You can be enslaved.

11) You can be jailed in concentration camps.

Governments think that you do not matter. Religions think you do not matter either.

At this time, religion is fairly easy to ignore for any thinking person. Of course, if your faith is strong you will not be doing much thinking and then religion will have a huge hold on you because you have let it.

Government is another matter.

Government is so strong that you cannot just ignore it entirely.

They will force you to do their will in the areas that they control completely. They have the guns.

That is why your positive thinking has to start with the idea of I matter. Your life is far too important to hand over to someone else. You are not here to do whatever the president tells you to do. You are not here to be a cog in a massive military machine. You are not here to wave the flag and proudly sing songs and salute the killers. You are not here to just take whatever it is someone thinks you need to take.

You need to step outside all that negative thinking that says that society or the state or a religion or a group is what matters the most. Once you get to the point in your thinking that you matter, your life will finally be your own to create it how you decide.

You are here because you were born and you matter. You matter just as much as anyone else. You do not have to defer your life to others. You do not have to think your only value is to others.

Your value is to yourself. You can create for it's own sake and for money. You can serve others cheerfully and enjoyably and get paid for it. Working, creating and providing value are a part of life. Doing things of value is not all about others though. It is about you.

I think that this idea of only serving others is off base. This is only part of the equation for a good life. Yes, you will serve others but you do it to make your own life better. Your satisfaction in your work will be partly based on satisfying the needs of others. You work to provide for yourself. You would want to work at something you enjoy doing and that takes care of your needs. If you work at something you do not enjoy your life will go down because you are saying to yourself that you do not matter.

Just think of the thousands of jobs that people hate and that people hate to spend money on. These are all the forced type of government jobs. These are the jobs that have to be done to satisfy the gun backed force of the government. These jobs are not satisfying because people do not want to willingly give you money for what you are providing. They are only paying you because they have no choice.

A better model for work is to do something that people willingly pay for. If they have to pay for your services because of government rules and regulations, they are not paying happily.

More Problems if you do not have Positive Thinking

Here are some of the main problems when you think you do not matter;

1. You will stay in jobs you hate because you have been there a long time, or you have degree or training in it, or you are too old to change now, or, or, or ...

2. You will not venture out into other careers or businesses or professions because it is too hard or you are scared or others expect you to continue to do that type of work.

3. You will stay in abusive, dysfunctional or loveless relationships. You will believe the lies that say you have to work hard at a marriage, that you need to stay for the kids, that it is better to just suck it up and suffer.

4. You will not spend money on yourself. You will be spending all your money on the desires of others. You will squash down all your desires to the point you do not even know what you want.

5. You will not take care of yourself. You will not eat less or more healthy. You will smoke excessively. You will drink too much. You will not exercise. You will not get enough sleep. You will not think you can feel better fast by doing these simple things.

6. You will not have any fun. You will not see the value in having enjoyment for yourself.

7. You will not have any exciting adventures. You will think that it costs too much or takes too long and that only other people should have fun.

8. You will not find easier and better ways of dealing with stress management such as simply writing out your desired outcomes.

9. You will look to other people for what you should be doing instead of believing that you create your future. No matter what you have to work on your life. Even when other people are giving you a hard time and trying to control you, you can thwart them. You can keep control of your mind and your actions and create the type of life you want.

Can you start to see the problem of positive thinking being almost entirely wrapped up in the idea of I matter.

Start thinking you matter. Think of what you want. Think of what you want to do. Think of how you want to make a living.

Here is a list to get you started - 100 Ways to Be a Better Man. Think of what you want to spend money on. Think of where you want to go and what you want to see. Think that you matter.

Trust the universe.

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