Create Your Future

From now on you create your future.

Up till now you have been letting everyone else create your life and your future. You cannot deny it. It stares back at you in your mirror.

Do you like what you see? Do you like what you are? Do you like what you do? Do you like who you are with?

No? Then maybe you have not really been in the drivers seat with your life. Maybe you have been led, pushed and followed along for your entire life and now you sit searching for answers from someone else.

You can stop that. You can start to create your future now. It can be glorious. Certainly it will be better than a past created for you by others.

I have made massive changes in my life and I am planning on making more. Once you start making changes and accelerating the pace of change, your life can turn in an instant.

My life turned when I finally found the courage to leave my wife. I document the mindset shift I needed to make in my book - How to Leave Your Wife. You need this book if your marriage is shaky at all.

This book is my story of how I was living a terrible life of quiet desperation and through my own efforts of research, analysis and self reflection came to the conclusion that my life and my future mattered. I was not going to continue down the miserable path I was on. I was not going to continue to be under the thumb of my wife.

Are you going to continue to let others run your life? What gives them the right for one thing? Who gave them that power?

Why do you continue to do things you hate doing? Doesn't your life matter to you? This is not a practice. This is not a rehearsal. This is it. There is no way to know if there is something after death. Maybe yes, most likely, no. I am working off the assumption that this is it. I only have so many days left. It can end in a heartbeat. I have decided that I will live out the rest of my life how I want it.

It is not working out for me exactly how I want it every moment. There still is tremendous hardship and drama at times. My life is not how I want it yet. But I am on the way. It is coming. I am moving toward it. I am not going to continue living in a way I do not want.

I was not moving toward it when I was married. I was just barely existing. My life was not my own because I was letting someone else, my wife, decide how my future should be. Until I left her, my life was not my own at all. If your relationships are not good, you need to change them or end them. It is my belief that if your marriage is not what you want, the best solution is to end it.

This is your life. You are not here to be ordered around by your wife or to stay married because you are married. Just because you did not know better yesterday, does not mean you do not know better today.

You can learn. You can grow. There is no reason to continue to live in a way that is not right for you. Go ahead and create your future. You do not need anyone's permission. You give yourself your permission.

You have to start to think you matter. You have to care about your life, almost to the exclusion of others. I know this sounds kind of selfish, but you have spent so much of your life bending over backwards for other people that you need to tip the scale more toward you.

In order to get back in the correct balance you need to concentrate on you for awhile. Deal with you. You are going to be a lot more successful working on your needs and goals than you are trying to try to save the world. The world will be fine with or without you. Get busy and create your future and let everyone else do the same. You create your world.

If you really think about it, the people throughout history did not get famous or do the big things that we all remember to help others. They did them for themselves. They did what they wanted. They selfishly went after their goals and did not let anyone stand in their way or let anyone define them. They went ahead and created their future, their way.

You know what I am saying is true. You know you have very little satisfaction following other people and doing what they say. You have even less just following from a distance in the media. Politics and entertainment just becomes more and more boring and stupid the more you concentrate on your life and ways to create your future.

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