Best Cars for Men

The best cars for men are cars that do the most for you.

You are going to use your car and use it a lot. You are not going to buy or lease a bunch of different cars for different purposes and different needs. You are not going to be buying or leasing a different car that often.

It is critical that you make a good choice for a car that may last you for many years, maybe even 10 years or more.

This is such a critical part of your life, you really need to think about this a lot. This cannot be a rushed decision.

You are not going to know what you are doing 10 years from now. You only know what you are doing now. So you have to pick a car now that will see you through all these years. You may be married. You may have children. You may be driving a long way all the time. You may be living in a severe climate. You may be larger than you are now. You need to choose the best cars for fat men, because these are the best choice for all men.

That is why a 1/2 ton 4 door pickup truck or a larger sport utility truck is the best choice. There is not really any other good choice unless you have so much money that you can easily buy 3 or 4 cars and you have a safe place to keep them.

I like the idea of having one vehicle that is suitable for most of what I need.

Here is a podcast on my truck that I love:

A pickup is the best car for men for moving stuff. But you really need 4 doors in case you have a family and especially if you have babies to put in the rear seat child holders.

I cannot even begin to count how many extra trips I had to make while moving using smaller vehicles. A pickup gives you the opportunity to haul a lot at once.

When my first child was born I had a 2 door Honda Accord. It was a great car. It was powerful. It handled wonderfully. It never needed repairs. It was easy on gas. It looked nice. The front seats reclined so I could sleep in it. Sleeping in my car was important to me because my friends and I liked to travel and do things on the weekends but we did not like to pay for hotels.

It worked great for me by myself. But it was no good as soon as I added my wife. And it was terrible when we added a baby.

With my wife, it was too small. It was not big enough to handle 2 people on a long trip. We did take a couple of long trips and it was way too cramped both in the riding and in carrying luggage. Again, it was great for me. It is a one person car.

When we had our baby, it was just a nightmare getting my son into and out of the back seat. Having only 2 doors is really stupid. He was only 6 pounds when he was born so it was not that bad getting him in and out. Plus we were young and loved our son.

But he quickly gained weight and moving him into and out of the backseat was really a burden. We would have to contort the car seat and our spines in order to finagle him into the car. The car was really low also which makes getting in and out a real headache. I always thought twice or three times about going anywhere. It was much better to just do nothing.

All this would have been so much easier with a 4 door car.

You will of course say, just trade it in for a 4 door model. This is easier said than done. The car was paid off but I had bought a house with a big mortgage and a mountain of debt from the wedding. Taking on a car loan was not what I wanted to do.

The point was I had money when I was single. I could have bought a more suitable car for the long term. Once I got married, bought a house and had a baby, excess money was not available to me.

The best cars for men are 1/2 ton pickup trucks with 4 doors. This way you can easily fit a family inside. The rear passenger doors make it easy to get a child into the back seat. You have a lot of room in the bed for hauling whatever it is you may need. You should really get 4 wheel drive also. Even if you live in an area without snow, you may end up moving to a snowy area. Driving a pickup in the snow without 4 wheel drive is really stupid because it is so dangerous.

The second best cars for men are the larger sport utility vehicles. These are handier for people. They do haul a lot compared to a car. They do not compare to a truck for hauling stuff but you can fit more people and they are a lot roomier than a car and much better looking than a minivan.

The third choice for best cars for men is there is no third choice. No other type of car is suitable. Every other choice you make you will regret someday. If you ignore my advice, the only way to get around the problem is to have multiple cars that serve different purposes.

Recap of Best Cars for Men

Number one choice: 1/2 ton 4 door 4 wheel drive pickup.

Number two choice: Large sport utility vehicle with 4 doors and 4 wheel drive.

Number three choice: There is no choice unless you have enough money to have multiple cars.

Forget the advice about small cars with good gas mileage. The small cars are not handy in any way, or not very safe and are not even that much less expensive than the best cars for men.

Start out searching for cars by knowing what the worst cars for men are first. Knowing what not to get makes is easier to find what is the best cars for men.

Learn the tricks on how to lease a car here -

Car Leasing Kit

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