Gas Mileage
Is the Least Important Factor
in Car Buying

When picking a car, gas mileage is the least important factor in your choice and here is why:

1. The cars with the best gas mileage are too small to be of any real use beyond you just driving to and from something close by. These types of cars are not handy for your life. They are too small to be of any real use.

2. Small cars will not have enough power for you to be able to drive at a high speed on the freeway. You will spend a lot of time on the freeway and the best way to enjoy this type of driving comfortably and safely is in a larger vehicle. The small vehicles with good gas mileage will be noisy and will not work that great on the big roads.

3. Since these types of cars are small, they are not good for hauling more people than just you. Having a woman with you will be a pain. Forget about having a few friends or family.

4. Many of the small cars do not really get that much better mileage than a larger car. The only way to save any serious money is if the car gets over 50 miles to the gallon. Not many do.

5. It is not fun to drive a small car.

6. It is embarrassing to drive a small car especially if you are a big man.

7. It is not safe to drive a small car. Unless you have a death wish, then a small car is a good choice. Now I know not everyone is going to die in a car wreck who drives a small car. But what is a fact is that if you are in an accident in a small car your chances of dying are dramatically higher.

8. It does not make you feel good driving a small car. They are usually noisier. They are a lot less comfortable. They are hard to get in and out of, especially as you get older. Even if you are young, there will be times when you will tired and sore from working out. There may be times when you are injured. You may need to get into and out of your car a lot. You will certainly be getting in and out countless times over the years.

9. The idea of you needing to have good gas mileage save the gas for future people is not empowering. What this means is that you do not matter. What matters people in the future. You cannot feel good about yourself if you feel like you need to save anything for people not born yet. This is a manipulation from above.

10. The small cars do not cost that much less than a larger car. It appears to me that some small cars are just as expensive, if not more so than larger cars. This idea of gas mileage seems to be a trick to get us to pay more for less car.

11. A larger car is so much better for you now and your own future. You do not know what your future holds. Your needs may change dramatically over the years. It is far better to prepare better for your own future.

You need to factor the cost of gas mileage into your lifestyle. You need to be used to spending a certain amount on gas and have the money. You may need to cut back on other things. A smaller house and less other things are much better than a small car. You should get as big of a car as you can afford and as small of a house as you can stand. A car is so much more useful than a house.

Treat yourself with the respect you deserve and get a the type of vehicle that is most suitable for you. The best choice for men is either a pickup truck or a sport utility vehicle.

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