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Low Testosterone Cures

You may need low testosterone cures if you are having trouble getting and maintaining an erection and even if your life just seems to not be going that well.

The problem with low testosterone is it affects your entire life as a man. Sex is not on your mind. When you do have it, you are not as good as you would like to be.

You are tired. You are weak. You cannot seem to get much done.

I was this way back when I was married. Being married to a woman you do not want to be with will cause you all kinds of problems in addition to making your testosterone lower.

Here are some quick, easy low testosterone cures to get you started:

1) Only wear loose boxer shorts. Tight, constrictive underwear does not help you. The penis and testicles are basically bags of blood. Your tight underwear squeezes these bags and forces the blood back into your body making these things smaller. The smaller your penis and especially your testicles, the lower your testosterone.

2) Only wear loose pants. This is the same idea of the underwear. This is much more difficult. If you are a heavier man or have large legs it is very hard to get pants that fit that are loose enough in the area around your penis and testicles. There is just not enough material.

3) Sit in a way that there is no pressure on your testicles and penis. A combination of tight clothing and sitting for hours with your sex organs smashed up with no room will ruin you.

4) Sleep more. The more you sleep the healthier you will be overall and especially in raising your low testosterone. If you want to lose your health as fast as possible, just sleep less. I know this is hard. There is so much to do, sleep just gets in the way.

5) Eat better which is more protein, especially meat, and a lot, lot less carbohydrates. This is hard too. Meat is expensive compared to carbohydrates, but this is your health.

6) Get rid of the excess stress. I think if you make efforts to do the above things your life will get a little better and you will be able to handle the normal daily stress better. How can you handle stress if you are chronically tired, overfed on carbohydrates and wearing too tight of pants? THe whole world will seem against you.

7) If you have a major problem in your life like a bad wife, leave her like I left mine. My wife was the problem in my life. She prepared too much of the wrong food for me, even saying I ate too much meat and it was too expensive. She made it impossible for me to get enough sleep. She bought me tight underwear and tight pants. She was constantly verbally abusive causing me enormous stress. I left her and have been putting my life back together ever since.

8) Wear a zinger ring around your penis and testicles. This little device really seems to help. I love this little device. It really helps and makes you feel good. I wear it nearly every night.

9) Perform a testicle health massage often. You can google this to learn what to do. Basically it is your massaging your testicles.

These low testosterone cures are not that difficult to do. Sleeping more and eating better is what everyone needs to do for their health. Wearing looser underwear and pants is not that hard either. Leaving your wife is hard. It is difficult beyond what you can imagine. But if she is the cause of your life being no good, you must leave her.

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