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Man travel. I love to travel. I always have and I am certain I always will. But I like to travel like a man. What I mean is that I like to travel how I like to travel. I hate being bogged down with the excessive drama and chaos of others.

When I was married my wife was not much of a traveler. I should have figured this out before we were married. The way she was pointed toward a person who could not travel light to save her life and a person who could not really roll with the situations that travel entails.

She had to take a shower every day and put on an extensive amount of makeup every morning.

Now I like a woman who is clean and looks good, but there will be times when traveling that you need to go a few days without bathing and you really need to get up early and get going fast. If you want to get going and do things, you can't loll about for an awhile. If you are trying to drive a thousand miles in a day you have to get up in the middle of the night and get in the car and go. If you are starting an all day hike you don't need to shower first. If you are camping in the mountains, you don't need makeup.

A traveler may need to crawl out of bed in the middle of the night, grab an already packed bag and hop on a plane. How can you do this if your girl insists on taking a long shower and going through a minimum 20 minute makeup schedule?

I felt for her. I saw how she transformed herself into a good looking woman with the use of makeup. But after I got to know her, I told her she could leave the makeup off once in awhile. I would still love her. I thought that she would just naturally want to do what I did for traveling. And that was to go when it was time to go.

So, I should have known about this. I did, but chose to ignore it.

It is much easier to travel alone or with people who agree with your travel goals and mode of man travel.

I can remember being very worried about traveling with friends. I had the feeling, from watching tv shows that if you ever traveled with friends you would quickly be at each others throats.

How wrong that was. These man travels we took were just the greatest experiences ever for me.

The trips I took with friends hold some of my best memories and some of the wildest times, most laughs and certainly some of the deepest conversations. These types of experiences will sustain you for a lifetime.

I just cannot recommend man travel enough.

Here are my main man travel tips:

1) Be well rested and healthy in your normal life so that when you travel you can get by with a lot less sleep and your good health carries you for awhile. I took some trips with friends where we drank every day for many days in a row. By the end of those trips I was beat and spent. I thought I might never drink again. When you are traveling it is unlikely that you will sleep as much or as well. People sleep better in their own bed. You may go to bed late, get up early, listen to someone snoring, outside noises and toss and turn.

2) Figure out how much money you might spend and bring at least double that. Plus have some means of accessing more if needed. Travel is enhanced by spending more money for the things that come up. I can remember going to a bank and taking cash out of my credit card account and paying all those fees. My man travel ideas on money were shaped at that time.

3) Study the area you are going beforehand and have a decent understanding of the lay of the land.

4) Pack Light. It is just so much easier to deal with a smaller amount of anything. but bring what you need. It is important to pack for the weather and what you are intending to do. You do not want to carry a lot if you don't have to, but you need to bring enough clothes that you look and feel your best.

5) Do not bring things that are easy to obtain while traveling. The main thing I can think of is food. Food is everywhere. Even if you are camping, buying food where you are at is the fun part.

6) Take plenty of pictures.

7) Bring home the brochures and souvenirs. I keep a written journal of my travels and make notes on the brochures and maps I obtain. I find it rewarding to look at these things years later.

8) Plan out many options for what to do on your trip. That way you have plenty to do or not do when you are there. You can be flexible and spontaneous but with some ideas of what to do. That way you do not have to waste a lot of your time on vacation wondering what to do.

9) Choose your traveling companions wisely. If you know the person will not be a good traveler, don't take that person. You can always tailor the trip to the person. You may have a friend who you want to camp with, a friend you want to drink with, a friend you want to chase women with. You may have a wife to take on a certain trip, a friend to go fishing with and a child to go on a learning trip. You decide.

10) If you want to make man traveling a part of your life, make sure your future wife is good with that. This may be the most difficult thing to guage. I know I was totally wrong with my future wife many years ago.

11) Have fun planning your trip. There are ways to find less expensive flights and better deals to make traveling more affordable.

I left my wife for many reasons. Not being a good traveler was just one more reason.

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