Easy Self Improvement
By Looking Better

Self improvement does not have to be so hard. One of the easiest ways to improve yourself is to take some steps to look better.

You may want to look better for your wife, for your girlfriend, for other women, for your better looking friends or for your career.

But the best reason is to just look better for yourself. There are ways for a man to look better that do not cost that much, are somewhat easy, fun and any man can do.

Looking better is not the most important thing you will go through on your personal development plan. But it is something you can do to feel better about yourself and it does not have to be that hard to do.

After all, looking better is not as difficult as going to college, changing careers, starting a business or doing something huge like that.

Here are some easy steps for men to look better fast:

Easy Self Improvement to Look Better

1. Get some sun. You absolutely have to spend some time in the sun to feel better and look better. It is not really the tan, it is the color and the look of a man who is not afraid of being outside. The mainstream media says to avoid the sun at all costs. It is almost as if you will die after being in the sun for 10 minutes. I do not believe in all that. Everyone looks better with a little color. Not leathery though, just tan. Even if you are fair skinned, the color and freckles you get from the sun will make you look better. The problem with getting a tan is the boredom of sitting in the sun doing nothing. I get around this by doing something else while I am outside. I read, nap, write, eat or drink instead of just sit or lay. Most men have an incredible amount of things to do, sitting in the sun takes too much time without doing something else also. I do like to be outside at the beach or on a boat, but that just cannot be done all the time. Sunshine is one of favorite self improvement techniques because it is free and I feel so much better after sitting in the sun for a little while.

2. Get a haircut. Too many men let what is left of their hair get bushy and unkempt. I know I let this go way too often in my life. I did not like the time it took to get a haircut or the cost. I figured that the less often I went in the more money I did not spend and the more time I would have. I was really wrong. Once you get in the habit of getting a haircut every 3 or 4 weeks you will see that the way you look will be worth the extra dollars. When you go in this often, it does not take the barber or stylist very long to cut your hair. Men look better with a nice tight to the head haircut especially as you get older. Unless you are in a rock band, long hair just does not look good. The tighter the haircut you have the more manly you will look. It is just like how a women looks better and better the longer her hair is. A man looks better and better the shorter his hair is. There are some men who do look great with long hair, just not that many. I prefer to go with what works rather than what may work. Getting haircuts often does not really cost that much. This is a self improvement technique that only costs a little more than what you are already spending.

3. Throw out the clothes that make you look bad. You have to do this. I know it is hard to throw out clothes you spent money on, but you have to. You will be tempted to wear the ugly clothes, it is easier than doing laundry all the time and cheaper than buying new clothes. But wearing better clothes is what good looking men do. You never see good looking men in ugly clothes because that is part of the reason they look good. Celebrities, entertainers, sports stars and male models all look better because they always are wearing good looking clothes. Women really notice how men dress. If you continue to dress poorly, they will continue to not notice you. They will not give you a look.

4. Do not wear black shirts. Black rarely looks on any man. Black seems to be good for shoes, belts, jackets and pants. Just not shirts. I cannot understand the fascination with black shirts. It is just so ridiculous to wear black shirts when almost every other color looks so much better. The older you are the worse wearing black looks on you. Throw out the black shirts first.

5. Eat more meat. Eating more meat will automatically make you look better. Vegetarians do not look as good as men who eat meat. It is not the vegetables that make a man look bad, vegetables are important. It is the lack of meat that shrinks a man's muscles, causes skin to be pale and makes you look weak.

6. Sleep more. The lack of sleep will age you faster than almost anything else.

7. Start a bodybuilding program. I love the Static Contraction Training developed by Pete Sisco. Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout! This is the shortest workout routine. It takes time to see the results from lifting weights, but you will not ever see the results until you start. Building more muscle is a vital component for fitness, looks and self improvement.

8. Concentrate and work on having good posture. Holding your shoulders back is so important to men because as your shoulders droop forward you look more and more like a woman. That is the sad reality for far too many men. The self improvement of good posture is always talked about but never the reason why it is important. The reason is that a man looks more like a woman whenever you have the sagging, hunched shoulders.

9. Grow your facial hair. You will just look more like a man. Most women will be more attracted to men with facial hair.

10. Trim your body hair. Men look better with their body hair under control. It is just one more step you need to take self improvement steps.

11. Take care of your skin. You don't even have to use artificial products. Here is a great resource - Natures Super Foods, Super Recipes & Super Food Remedies. Living Longer & Living Younger. You can see that getting better looking does not have to be difficult even for aging men or even for fat man. You can also be be one of the good looking fat men. by changing how you think about yourself and just doing a few things a little differently. Fat men can look better. You do not have to wait to lose weight to live. You can live now.

There is some expense involved, especially with buying new clothes. But you do not have to do this all at once. You can just start with one new shirt. Besides spending money on yourself for self improvement is what men do who love themselves and think highly of themselves. If you will not spend money on yourself, that means you do not think you matter.

These steps will work for men of any age even older men. You do not have to be an ugly old man. These ideas work for men of all shapes even fat men. Here are even more fat man tips.

You can look better fast, make quick changes immediately and massive changes in self improvement over time. Once you start sleeping more, eat more meat, build some muscle, get tan and get a better wardrobe you will look incredibly better.

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