Why Do Aging Men
Look So Bad?

Why do aging men look so bad?

In order to know this it is helpful to understand why men look good when they are young. Once you understand what it is about young men that looks good, you can take steps as you age to look better, younger, handsome and more fit.

This is just a process of comparing and contrasting old men and young men.

Aging Men compared to Young Men

Poor posture. Older men tend to slump. Their heads tend forward. They get the humped back. Saying to stand tall and sit straight is a start but the problem take time to work. It is more complicated than that because of the years of abuse to your body. The cure is to understand that this is a huge problem that you will have to work on every day for the rest of your life.

No muscles. Younger men tend to have bigger muscles. The cure to get the muscle is to lift weights. Luckily building muscle is much simpler than working on your posture. It is not easy to lift, it is hard work, but building more muscle is much simpler than correcting your posture.

Stained, or crooked or missing teeth. Young men have not had the years of coffee, smoking and poor habits. This can be corrected with cosmetic dentistry. Crooked and missing teeth can be corrected by dentists and money.

Old looking face. Young men lack wrinkles and do not have bags under their eyes. The bags can be minimized by getting a lot more sleep on a consistent basis and avoiding so many wheat products. I guess the wrinkles are permanent except for surgery.

Pale thin skin. Spending more time in the sun and getting healthier over all will improve the color and texture of your skin. Many older men get the pale, thin skin from medication. Maybe you can work with your doctor to find a way to cut back on medications. You can just get in the sun, it is free and you do not need a prescription.

Lack of vitality. Young men have the vitality and energy that most older men lack. You can get some of this back by working on yourself, getting more fit and going after your goals.

Old man types of clothes. This is more easily corrected with money and better choices.

Old attitude. Young men are more friendly, curious and sweet. Many old men are bitter, with life treating them poorly and sour.

What you do with your time. Young men do what they want. Older men do not do this that much. They let other people walk all over them and do what others want.

The aging men that look good and that have great lives practice the art of staying young. That is the difference.

They lift weights. They exercise. They get in the sun. They eat meat. They wear flattering clothes. They buy new clothes. They get good haircuts often. They care how they look. They stand tall. They sit straight. They do what they want. They go after girls.

Just by looking at the opposite you will see why men who do not do these things look bad.

Instead of sitting and standing tall, they slouch and have the humped back from decades hunched over a desk. They resign themselves to this look instead of concentrating on it and exercising enough to counteract the effects of hunching.

Instead of having a tan or having the color of being outside, they are white and pale.

Instead of lifting weights, they do not and their muscles get small and non-existent.

Instead of getting a nice haircut, their hair gets bushy and scraggly.

Instead of wearing flattering clothes, they just wear whatever. Learn what to wear here - Brad's Fashion Bible

Instead of eating muscle food like meat, eggs and vegetables, they eat carbohydrates and other junk food.

Instead of drinking low carb beer, they drink extremely heavy beer or worse they do not drink at all. The problem with never drinking is that you are not any fun. You do not know how to relax.

Do you see how all this ties together?

Do you see what aging men can do right now to get started?

Do you see what you need to be working on so you are not an aging man?

These steps are fairly simple. Getting better clothes is the only expensive part. You can phase that in over time.

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