How to Leave Your Wife

Is Your Marriage Destroying Your Life?
Is Something Wrong and You Don't Know What?

To all the frustrated married men out there the eBook "How to Leave Your Wife" describes my story of the verbal abuse I went through and the steps I went through in order to leave my wife.

You do not have to take the misery of being in a marriage with someone who cannot be kind, decent, respectful and loving to you.

You do not have to live in your misery. You are not here to sacrifice your life, your happiness and your dreams for your wife.

You deserve to have a good life.

You do not have to be criticized, yelled at, raged at, belittled or demeaned. This book describes verbal abuse in all it's forms and provides the knowledge you need to help yourself leave your wife, get your life back and heal.

How to Leave Your Wife

is a book like no other. It is a collection of tips, resources and mind altering strategies that I needed to go through to get my mind right in order to have enough courage, enough knowledge and enough hope to actually go through with the agonizing decision I made to leave my wife.

The eBook "How to Leave Your Wife" is 193 pages filled with a different way of thinking. I am sick of seeing verbally abused men and men who are just living out their lives barely existing. You do not have to live that way. You do not have to stay married if you do not want to.

You can leave your wife. It is possible. It will not be easy, but you can do it.

If your marriage is bad you need to end it. Buying the eBook "How to Leave Your Wife" will be a huge step in improving your life.

If your wife is a verbally abusive person she is not going to leave you. She wants to abuse you. What she is doing to you does not bother her.

You cannot count on anyone helping you. You have to do this yourself. This book will help you to rediscover yourself.

The eBook "How to Leave Your Wife" is a PDF eBook that instantly downloads after you make your purchase through PayPal.

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How to Leave Your Wife

The book, "How to Leave Your Wife" describes that your wife does not own you. You are not obligated to stay with her no matter what. You do not owe anything to anyone except what you owe to yourself.

You may cry when you read about what happened to me.

You may cry when you think of the years you have wasted in your own life.

You will see yourself in my story and be inspired to make changes in your life for the better.

You will at least know what is going on and that what you are going through is very common.

So, go ahead and order "How to Leave Your Wife" now. You won't regret it. I have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Buy this book and start putting your life back together today.

Introduction to How To Leave Your Wife

It has taken me a long time to learn all the things I am going to share with you. I spent years in a marriage where I was verbally abused. It took me years to even understand what was going on, what was happening to me and even what verbal abuse was. I spent years trying to decide to leave my wife. I spent hours on-line and in libraries and bookstores reading books, websites and articles trying to find some guidance to try to decide if I should leave or not. I spent the best part of my life living in fear of my wife and what she might do. The information in this book has been compiled from my years of being verbally abused, my struggle, my frustration and my research.

This book is written for you because you may not be in a situation like mine where I had some time to do all this research and all this thinking. In effect I stole time from my situation to do this research. I snatched moments at work to read on-line material. I stopped at libraries and bookstores when I could to read a few pages here and there. You may not have that kind of time to do that kind of research work.

That is what this book does. It is filled with the guidance I found from all sorts of sources and right from my heart. I have spent my time doing this and am providing it to you.

I never wanted to have to know all this information. I wanted to have a nice, loving family with a happy wife who treated me decently.

I did not have that. What I had was at times a nightmare relationship where I was so despondent after a tongue lashing that I thought of suicide or worse. Even the good times were not that good. How can they be when you are just waiting for something bad to happen?

This book is meant as a guide to summarize a lot of the information available. It is meant to help you decide if your marriage is bad and to get you to start thinking about your own life. This book is meant to be a reference book and a guide to question how you are living.

This book is not by a doctor or a psychologist or a therapist. It is by one man who went through more than a lifetime of abuse and is sick of seeing anyone suffer. Use these words to help strengthen you against the abuse you are suffering from.

If your marriage was perfectly fine you would not be searching for this type of information or reading this book. So keep an open mind while you are going through it. The things I write about are not mainstream thought. These ideas may shock some of you. If you are religious or traditional, you may think I have lost my mind. But these ideas are meant to help whoever I can to see the light and not have to go through the type of pain I went through.

What is a bad marriage anyway? Aren’t you supposed to suffer? Are you not sure where to begin? This book contains my ideas for deciding if your marriage is bad enough to leave. This information is from my personal journey through the ordeal of a bad marriage and my decision making process I used to get free of my wife and eventually leave my bad marriage.

You will find that your life will greatly improve by getting out of a bad marriage.

If you are married to a verbally abusive wife, your life will be a living hell. You may wish for death. You may wish she was dead. You may wish you were never born.

This book is meant to turn the idea that you have to stay married no matter what on its head and kick it out the door. You do not have to. You can decide right now to leave any bad situation you are in and start living a good life. You have just as much of a right to live a good life as the next person, even if the next person is your wife.

It is not easy. Leaving a bad wife will be a messy, painful disaster and difficult even beyond what you can imagine.

If she is so bad to you that you want to leave there will be no way that she is not bad to you once you have left. The good news is that once you have left the hold she has on you will start to diminish.

You need to keep your mind focused on you, your life, your happiness, your well being. Only by doing that will you be able to work through it all and heal.

Deep down everyone wants to be happy, either with a wife or not.Sometimes you just don’t know how to begin to think for yourself and for your own happiness. This book is the how. Nothing will ruin your life more than being in a bad marriage. Getting free of a bad marriage is the ultimate life improvement strategy.

Who The Book - How to Leave Your Wife - is NOT for:

• Men who are with wonderful women.

• Men whose lives are great already with the woman they have.

• Men who are the abuser in the relationship. If you are the bad one, this book is not for you. My only guidance it is that you need to leave your wife now and let her have a good life. You do not have to be the statistic of another man who beats his wife, or verbally abuses his wife or kills his wife in a fit of rage. You can just leave, get yourself right or get help and treat people right.

Who The Book , How to Leave Your Wife is for:

• Men whose wives are giving them a hard time.

• Men who just want to be dead.

• Men who work a lot to avoid their wives.

• Men who eat way too much to dull the pain.

• Men who have a sarcastic, demanding, ungrateful wife.

• Men who are not sure why they are unhappy.

• Men who want a better life for themselves.

• Men who think they are modeling bad behavior for their children.

• Men who are thinking of getting married and wondering if their girlfriend is going to be high maintenance or difficult.

• Men who want to die young.

• Men who for religious or for traditional or family reasons think they have to stay married.

• Anyone who suspects they know a man in this situation. The best gift to a person is the gift of hope.

• Men who think they owe their lives to their wives.

• Men who think it is somehow noble to suffer.

A better way to think about your life is the idea that you do not owe anyone anything. So often we think that because we have been doing something for a day, a week, a month, a year or more we have to keep doing it.

The idea of you joined the group now you have to stick with it even if the reason you joined does not exist anymore for you.

The idea of you went out for the sport now you have to continue to play it even if you do not enjoy it and even dread it or cannot play it that well.

The idea of you started work somewhere now you have to keep working there even though you do not like it that much, or your boss is no good, or the benefits are non-existent or you can do better somewhere else.

The idea of you married this person now you have to stay married forever even though you two are not right for one another and may be so totally wrong that the marriage is no good at all.

This is the mind shift you need to make to start to make your life better.

My goal of writing the book "How to Leave Your Wife" is to help YOU decide what YOU want to do and what is good for YOU.

It took me over 40 years to come to this conclusion and I still struggle with it at times.

The hardest thing I ever did was to leave my wife. The day I left my wife was the worst day of my life but it was also the best. Now, looking back on my marriage 5 years later I can scarcely believe that I stayed married to her so long. My mind now is right. It just took a lot to get it right.

I mean my marriage was good for quite a while, but somewhere along the line it went bad and it became evident it was not going to get better. I am pointing out to you that once YOU decide your marriage is not good for YOU, that is when you need to leave.

You do not need to have everything figured out for what will happen afterward. There is no way you will have all the answers. You just need to live day by day. What happens in the future will happen.

The idea that you have to have everything figured out is just a way to keep you confused and in the same place.

You do not want to stay in your place if your place is no good for you. The normal way is to insist that you do stay in your place.

Normal is no good. Normal keeps you stuck in stagnant, abusive and even violent marriages. You do not want to be interested in normal. The better way is to have an interest in having a great life.

Buy the eBook "How to Leave Your Wife" and make the most of the rest of your life.

What's in this book?

Table of Contents to How to Leave Your Wife

Introduction 6

Who This Book is NOT for: 9

Who This Book is for: 10

Part 1: Getting Your Mind Right 13

Chapter 1. Is Your Marriage Bad? 14

Do you find your wife attractive? 14

Does your wife find you attractive? 15

Have you cheated on her? 15

Have you hit her? 16

Do you find your wife stupid? 16

Do you look forward to being with her? 17

Do you try to find ways to avoid her? 17

Does she do things that you cannot stand? 17

Has your wife cheated on you? 18

Has your wife hit you? 18

Are you addicted to substances? 18

Is your wife addicted to substances? 19

Visualize Your Future 25

Your Wife as a Dream Stealer 28

Is She Verbally Abusive? 31

Chapter 2. Verbal Abuse. 32

Verbal Abuse In Relationships by Patricia Evans 33

Vanquish Her Emotional Abuse From Lawrence Mitchell 38

Types of Emotional Abuse 44

Abuse Me, Lose Me by Richard Jones 49

My Take on these articles 55

Chapter 3. Tragic Stories in the News. 56

Tiger Woods 56

Chris Henry 59

Germantown Murder 60

Common Thread 72

Chapter 4. Marriage Myths. 74

Happiness is overrated 74

You have to compromise a lot for a good marriage. 77

You have to forgive and forget. 77

Don’t Be Selfish 79

It Takes a Long Time to fall out of Love 79

The House is for your wife 91

Leaving is Not an Option. 95

Married Men are Healthier 105

There is Plenty of Time. 106

You need your wife’s permission 109

This is supposed to be Funny. You tell me. 113

Chapter 5. Right Mind Strategies 114

Visualize a future you 114

Affirmations 115

More on what is Verbal Abuse 118

Basic Needs in a Relationship 124

What’s right with you 126

Do You Matter 128

What to Do About It 128

It’s a Math Problem, Really 133

What about Your Age. 134

You are on your own. 135

Part 2: Preparation 136

Chapter 6. Why Do People Stay? 137

Money 137

The Children 143

Why Children are NOT a reason to stay from a different source 146

Religion and Tradition 147

Chapter 7. What About … 148

The Kids. 148

The Family 153

Your Mutual Friends 153

The Worst Case Scenarios. 154

The idea that verbal abuse is not that bad? 155

Part 3: Do It 161

Chapter 8. Practical Steps. 162

Chapter 9. Time for Me to Fly. 167

The Day I Left. 167

Chapter 10. Once you’ve left, now what? 172

What to Expect During the Divorce Proceedings 177

What You Will Need during the Process 180

Attorneys. 183

What You Will Give Up. 185

But look at what you will gain 187

Helpful Resources. 191

Conclusion 193

About The Author

How to Leave Your Wife is the book I wish I had years ago. This book would have saved me years of frustration, years of being verbally abused and would have provided me years of my own life.

Do yourself the best favor you may ever do for yourself and get the book, How to Leave Your Wife.

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How to Leave Your Wife

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