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Fat Man Challenges

Here are some of the problems big men face that I call fat man challenges:

1) Your legs and ass are large and take up all the space in your pants. The lack of room in your pants takes up all the material and squeezes your private parts. I believe that wearing tight pants for most of my life has put a tremendous amount of pressure on my genitals. I believe that this makes a man's genitals smaller and may decrease your testosterone production. The penis and testicles are basically bags of blood. If your pants are too tight, the material will force the blood from your penis and testicles and back into your body. Even if wearing tight pants does not lower your testosterone and make your genitals smaller, it is a very uncomfortable way to live.

The solution is to never wear tight pants and underwear. This is more difficult than you would think. Pants are just not made right. You really need to spend time (and money) on the correct fitting pants.

The way you look and feel in your clothes may be the biggest of the fat man challenges.

2) People think that big men are stupid. I hate people thinking I am stupid. I have worked on this my whole life always trying to be smarter and not look dumb. But I still think the stereotype of people thinking large men are dumb is there.

3) People will be scared of you. If you are large and a little scary looking, smaller people will be afraid. This is not really a bad thing except you will always have to be the one to talk first to other people.

4) It is difficult to find clothes that fit at a lower cost. If you unlimited funds you can get your clothes tailored or buy more expensive items. But this is not true for most people. I am working on earning more to make buying more expensive, better fitting clothes part of my lifestyle, but presently, what I want is not affordable.

5) Since you weigh more, your shoes will wear out quickly. They may look good on the outside but your feet and lower legs will tell you that the support is gone. Good shoes are very expensive. Even cheap shoes are expensive when you are replacing them very often.

6) Chairs will creak and groan when you sit on them. I remember hardly being able to fit in under the desks back in school and then the desk making all kinds of noise whenever I squirmed in my seat.

7) It is difficult to find comfortable furniture that holds you.

8) Sitting on any public seating is very uncomfortable. Planes, ball games, buses, trains all have very narrow seats.

9) Getting into and getting out of small cars is very difficult. Riding in small cars for long distances can be a tortuous experience.

10) You think you have to lose weight before you can enjoy your life. You think that fat man personal development is just lose weight and then your life will improve.

11) You will think that fat men and divorce do not go together. You will think you need to stay with your wife, because you are too fat to do better.

These are all fat man challenges that big men face all day, every day. No one cares about you either. Whenever you complain a little about these types of things, the other person will usually say well just lose weight and you will not have so many problems. These stupid comments just enrage me. A fat man, is a large man. Even when I have lost lots of weight and been fairly lean, I was still large. I still had all the same problems with clothes and comfort.

Now, I am larger than before and see these problems all the time. People in general are getting larger. Better nutrition, weight training, a sedentary lifestyle and modern conveniences all tend to make people larger. But public seating gets smaller. It makes no sense.

I do not really have any great suggestions to how to fix all these problems either. More money will help you to buy better fitting clothes and more appropriate furniture in your home but it will not do anything about the world at large.

Solutions to Fat Man Challenges

Using what money you do have to make your part of the world better is a start. Instead of buying the things that "they" say you should buy, like small cars and skinny jeans, buy what makes your life better. Buy things like:

- A new mattress and box spring.

- A large, comfortable recliner.

- Large, supportive, comfortable chairs in general. In fact, finding big man furniture is critical to the quality of your life.

- Lots of very supportive, comfortable, good looking shoes.

- Looser fitting pants.

- Boxer shorts.

- Perfect fitting shirts with sleeves long enough to cover your wrists and not so big that the material billows out.

- A larger vehicle that is easy to get into and out of.

More solutions to Fat Man Challenges

You can also do and not do things that will help. Things like:

- You know the seats at the game or the airplane are going to be too small to fit you. You can choose not to go.

- Lift weights. If you have larger arms, shoulders and chests, this will make your large belly not seem so big. Plus, lifting weights will tend to slim you down a little.

- Walk more. You will need to buy walking shoes more often to make this work. I go through 3 or 4 pairs of cross-training shoes a year. But the walking helps to keep me a little slimmer.

- Get on a good weight loss program.

- Eat more meat and less carbs. Meat is slimming. Carbs will make your belly much larger.

- Search for ways to make your life better and more comfortable.

- Leave your wife if she is the cause of your misery.

- Always be looking for ways to improve your life. Here are even more fat man quick tips to help fast.

- You can try New fat burning products.

You do not have to continue to face all the fat man challenges and problems of being overweight. You can take steps and look for ideas for fat men to make your life better.

That is part of the reason I started this website. I was always searching for answers to make my life better. When I found answers I used them. I am trying to share what I know.

An awareness of the problems and fat man challenges does help the most. You cannot solve a problem, unless you know what it is.

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