Fat Men and Divorce

Fat men and divorce. The words do not go together. The world seems to assume that once a man becomes too fat, he does not deserve a good life or a loving woman in his life.

The question is if that is the way you see the world? Do you think that because you are carrying too much weight, you do not deserve to be happy? Because you have let yourself go, now you have to suffer? You are too fat to find a better, more suitable, more loving, easier to get along with, non verbally abusive women?

This is your life we are talking about. There is nothing after your life is over. You are going to die. You only have so many spins on the rock.

Why do you think that because you are too heavy, you do not deserve a good life?

I think we continually hear this and are shown images of this that it starts to become the normal way of thinking.

You get married, your wife is not suitable for you, you get fat to help to cope. You work a lot to satisfy her demands and life in general. You have no time for what you need to do and want to do, so you eat to cope.

This was my life. I worked a huge amount of overtime to try to pay for a too expensive house. I had no time to exercise. I ate a huge amount of junk food to stay awake at work. I ate a huge amount of good food because that is what I did to cope.

I sometimes thought about leaving my wife, but thought I am too fat to be with other women. I bought into those lies, that controlled mindset.

I bought into this stupid thinking for many years.

But I did change my mind on all this stupid nonsense and I did leave her. Even though I was too fat to do so. Even though a fat man is supposed to suffer.

Fat Men and Divorce

Leaving my wife was the hardest thing I ever did, but the best. My life is mine now. I have never felt better. I still carry too much weight but I do not let that define me. I work on it. I lift weights. I walk. I eat better and I eat less. I am making progress.

But the big thing is that any man, fat or not, deserves a great life. If your bad marriage is making your life miserable, you need to leave it.

Fat men and divorce do go together in spite of what you always see and hear. A fat man is just a man after all. And all men deserve a good life.

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