Weight Control
and Why You
Eat Too Much

Weight control. How do you get control of your weight when you cannot stop eating? You try all the diets. You exercise all the time. You use willpower. You try everything.

But what if the problem is not that you are a weak glutton who is destined to be fat forever. What if the problem is not cheap junk food everywhere? What if the problem is not your genetics? What if your weight problem is not caused by others or is not that you are of low willpower, or low character of come from bad stock?

What if it is something else? What if your weight control problem is some belief or problem in your mind?

I believe you eat too much because you are trying to relieve whatever pain you have in your life. When you are tired, you eat. When you are bored, you eat. When you are depressed, you eat. When you are confused, you eat. Whenever you have discomfort, which is just a mild form of pain, you seek to relieve that pain in some manner. Eating junk food or even good food in excess, will temporarily relieve that pain.

You have to discover why you overeat and come to terms with it. Only then will you be able to work on weight loss.

You just see this over and over again. I have seen this play out over and over in my life.

If I am exhausted, stressed, overly busy, bored or under some type of stress, I use food to cope. I always have.

Just the other day I was stressed out when my ex-wife came over to pick up my son to take him out to dinner. Right away she asked if she could sleep on my couch because she was having trouble with some of the men in her life. This favor shocked me and put me in an immediate defensive position. I did not want her to stay over. Having her in my home for more than a few minutes is just an ordeal I dread. She finally left for dinner with my son without me giving her an answer.

I did not know what to do, so I turned to my old solution. I started eating.

I ate half a bag of chips. Then some chocolate candy. Then the same chocolate candy with peanut butter smeared on top.

All the while I knew exactly that I was coping with her bad behavior with excessive binging on junk food. I knew exactly why I was gorging on this junk. But I seemed to be powerless to stop it at first.

I summoned up something and stopped.

I pulled myself together enough to stop. I overate but I stopped. The pain of dealing with her subsided. I thought how do I manage the weight control program I am on by continuing to stuff myself?

How does getting fatter help me? How do I come up with a reason she cannot stay over by gorging?

When she dropped my son off and came up I was able to say that staying over was not a good idea. I told her that she is an adult and capable of dealing with whatever problems come up in her life. I put the ball back in her court and said I had confidence in her to solve her own problems.

Your problems cause you to eat. I feel your weight control pain and problems because I have them too.

The trick is to recognize this and work on it. The cure is the knowledge of what you are doing to yourself.

You need to understand why you overeat, what are the triggers. You need to know that being fat makes your life more difficult than it has to be. It not only affects your health in general but also your sexual health, vitality and appearance. Fat men testosterone loss is misunderstood. Being fat and eating too much of the wrong food does not help you, of course. But because you are larger it affects your private parts by making you have less room.

Food is insidious because you have to eat to live. You do not need to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take drugs to live. If you quit doing those activities you will not die. But you will die from not eating.

I find myself using food over and over again to compensate for problems in my life.

If I have a lack of money to do something fun, junk food is really cheap and readily available for a few dollars.

When I am tired I eat junk food, especially if I am trying to stay awake at work and there is no coffee available.

When I am bored at work, and most people are, I eat junk food to at least have a few moments of pleasure.

Do you see what I mean? An uncomfortable life makes you eat. This continual discomfort makes weight control a really hard road to be on.

Some people will say to just tough it out and use your discipline to overcome all this discomfort. Yeah, right. This way may work for a little while, but not for the rest of your life.

What you need to do is to make your life so great that you do not have this constant discomfort, and constant pain to deal with. You can stop overeating because you have so much good stuff going on.

This is the secret to not only controlling your weight, but making your life so great that you cannot stop smiling, that you pop out of bed each day raring to go.

You start by feeling good now with these fat man tips to feel and look better now so that as you work on weight control and toward your ideal weight in the future, you feel good now.

You want a life so great that eating junk food to make it through the day is the farthest thing from your mind. You will want to avoid the junk food because you know that it will make your great life, not so great.

If you are actively engaged in a fascinating career that absorbs your attention for many hours of the day, you will not be looking at the clock and dreaming of a candy bar.

If your wife or girlfriend is wonderful to you and you look forward to seeing her, you will not need to eat that much. On the flip side, if the time you spend with your wife is terrible, eating too much to escape the pain will be what you do.

If you are meeting new, attractive women, going out on dates, and enjoying a satisfying sex life, you will not take your pleasure from donuts.

If you are planning weekend parties, trips and travel you will not just want to go to all you can eat buffets.

All this excessive eating will not be what you want to do because overeating will make your new great life harder. The things you want to do will be more difficult, harder and not so fun if you are heavier and feeling bloated from too much food.

Do you see how all this ties together? You do not need any willpower to lose weight, you just need a life. A life that is crafted by you. Your weight control problem will cease to be an issue.

Everyone probably enjoys indulging in junk food from time to time. Even the most in-shape people. But if your life is great without excess junk food and food in general, you will stay leaner.

When I was at my lowest point in my marriage, eating junk food was the only thing that gave me any pleasure. I ate and ate. I almost think I was hoping to die. I know for a fact that living into old age with my wife was the last thing I wanted to do. Deep down I probably wanted to die to escape from the pain she caused.

Eating junk food was my only pleasure. When I see a very overweight person with a weight control problem, I know I am seeing a person who has experienced or is experiencing a lot of pain. Pain in all it's forms is what is causing you to eat.

I am working on a program developed by Dr. Robert Anthony called Zero Resistance Weight Loss. The program is on MP3 audio and is basically a self hypnosis program. I think the program caused my to stop eating the other night when I was dealing with my ex-wife. Here is his weight control program.

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