How to Stop Overeating

In order to stop overeating you need to find something to replace it.

You eat because eating is the most pleasure you can get at that time. You are fat because you have a problem of lack of something in your life.

How else can you explain it?

There is a basic lack of life in overweight people. The only way to stop overeating is to replace the eating with someone else.

The cause is that something is missing, not what is there. The reason that there is so much cheap junk food available is that we crave it. We don't eat it because it is there, it is there because we eat it.

It does no good to fault the makers and vendors of food. They are the effect of the demand. If there was no demand, they would not make it.

We eat not because of huge numbers of fast food restaurants. There are so many fast food restaurants because we want them.

The junk food, convenience food and fast food is not the cause of our eating. Our eating is the cause of these things.

Once you get your mind around this you will understand that to stop overeating you have to do something better than eating.

Eating excessive food and especially excessive junk food is a pleasurable activity. No one can deny this. If you have nothing else of pleasure going on, you will eat.

A fat person will not have the same quality of life as a lean person. A leaner person will not have the struggles and problems that a fat person faces. Both persons will have struggles, but the fat person will have that additional fat person problems. The excess weight causes embarrassment, shyness, discomfort and pain. The fat person is limited much more than a lean person.

My ideas for fat men to look good and start doing things when you are fat is my way of encouraging you to start living right now in spite of your fatness. You will not be able to sustain a weight loss plan, continue on an exercise plan and stop overeating on a consistent basis without enjoying your life now. You only have now. You have to find a way to enjoy your life as you are moving toward a leaner you. Otherwise you will just backslide toward your old habits.

When you are fat a huge portion of your life will be based around food. You buy a lot of it. You spend a lot of money on it. You plan your meals. You look forward to binges. You know where all the inexpensive junk food is. You love to eat and love to eat a lot.

It is like your part-time job or a hobby that consumes a large portion of your time and life. You are busy feeding your addiction.

You have learned to live with this weight. You think you are living fine. You have become used to this excess weight.

That is why you need to do something that is better than eating.

When you are bored, you eat.

When you are tired, you eat.

When you are stressed, you eat.

When you don't love your job, you eat.

When you have no fun in life, you eat.

When you don't love your wife, you eat.

When you aren't having sex, you eat.

When you watch tv, you eat.

When you don't have anything to do, you eat.

It is the lack that is causing you to overeat. Overeating is the solution to your lack.

Diets attack the symptoms, not the cause.

Diets tell you how much and what to eat. They provide good information, but they do not deal with the cause. You may need a good diet plan but you really need to find something else to replace the food. You can learn more at this source:

Burn Stomach Fat and Get a Flat Stomach with Flat Stomach Exercises and Healthy Food

It seems that some lean people fill their lack with being lean. Staying thin is their obsession. This may be a better problem than fatness, but I think this is not satisfactory either.

Besides if you have been fat all this time, it will take a massive shift in your mindset to think thin.

If you are reading this, being too thin and obsessed with that is not your problem. Your problem is that the best thing in your life is eating way too much junk food.

You have to break the cycle of the best thing in your life being food. You have to do something else.

Why are poor men fatter than rich men? It is because they have less means for fun. Why are older men fatter than younger men? Because younger men are doing more fun things.

Why are men who are geeky, dorky, nerdy or shy fatter than good looking, athletic or popular men. Because they have less opportunities for fun.

Why are men who are players or playboys who get lots of women leaner than men who struggle with women and cannot get dates? Because these men have no life.

Why are men who in are bad marriages fatter than men who are in good marriages? Because these men are using food as a coping mechanism and a substitute for the love they are lacking.

Why are fat man unhealthier than lean men. It is because they don't want to be healthier. When your life sucks, why would you want to be healthier? You don't want to live longer, you want to die young.

It does no good when you are fat to think you will have a good life and a good time after you lose weight. You have it backwards. You start having a good time and you then you start to lose weight.

You have to have a reason that is so strong, so compelling, that it keeps you going.

Just buying a diet program is not enough. Spending money on a program is not enough of an incentive.

A better life years in the future is not a reason either. Your future health really holds no incentive for you now. This future thinking provides no real incentive to stop overeating now.

Weight loss is present thinking, moment to moment decisions to eat less, exercise more, be more active, eat better, eat better quality food moment to moment because it affects your life now.

The reason to lose weight has to be for you. I hate to watch the weight loss shows where the participant says they want to lose weight for their children or their spouse or their family or even their future self.

All these reason are totally lame because doing things for other people is a stupid way to live. It is always wrong. It makes no sense. Doing something as demanding as learning to stop overeating has to be done for you.

You need to do things for you and you alone.

You have to get to the point where you don't care about what others want or don't want.

This living for others is quite a problem. Living for others sometime is the cause of your weight problem. I did not exercise because I could not take the time away from my family. I overate at work so I could work longer to make more money to take care of my family. I worked many more than 8 hours a day and then came home and did chores around the house. Overeating was a coping mechanism for me. I could not stop overeating because in my mind I needed to eat so much to care for my family.

The reality for most men with a wife and kids is that you will feel a tremendous sense of guilt for doing things for yourself. You defer your life for your family.

You have to stop living for others and start living for yourself. You have to find things to do that do not involve food. You will only stop overeating when your life makes sense without so much food.

There are great resources available to help you. Weight Loss Tips and Facts aims to help you lose weight in the healthiest way possible. Take a look at their weight loss programs, diet plans, bonus bodybuilding section and more to help you lose the weight you want to.

Food is so good and so plentiful. It is so easy to eat a lot of the wrong foods. You need to find ways to

eat well and lose weight.

How to Lose It Fast is another great resource that provides the knowledge you need.

You know that being overweight is unhealthy. You know you will have a better life without the excess weight.

There are genuine weight loss secrets available. You can use this good advice to learn how to stop overeating and lose weight. You cannot use a lack of knowledge as an excuse.

I am working on a weight control program developed by Dr. Robert Anthony called Zero Resistance Weight Loss. The program is on MP3 audio and is basically a self hypnosis program. This program helps you to change your deep seated beliefs around eating.

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