Guarding Your Subconscious Mind

Guarding your subconscious mind against unwanted intrusions, attacks and constant negativity is more important than guarding your house, car or even your physical body.

You lock your home and car to keep intruders and thieves out. You are careful to avoid trouble. You try to protect your computer from spyware, mal-ware and viruses.

You protect your loved ones in the same way. You hold your children's hand when crossing the street, you guard them for as long as they will let you. You look after your aging parents.

But what about your subconscious mind?

Do you protect it with the same care as all these other things?

Do you continuously feed your mind with good, positive, uplifting messages? When you read articles on the internet do you read about self growth, personal development, abundance, prosperity and happiness?

A perfect example of this would be this site - Subconscious Mind Selfgrowth4ever is about growing whilst dreaming and making our dreams come true. It is about life, love, energy, success, meditation, friendship, family, serving, sharing, smiling and so much more.

Some people do.

These are the people who are successful, happy, wealthy, prosperous, stress-free, relaxed and with an abundance of whatever they are looking for. They carefully guard their subconscious minds from negative influences. They remain optimistic, cheerful and with the ability to enjoy a good life no matter what. They use whatever means are necessary to feel good, relax and go after what they want. They download relaxation music to reduce stress, and get sound sleep. Great music and nature sounds for meditation and spa sessions. They learn about the benefits of mediation and put these techniques into practice.

They get emotional help if they need it.

They do whatever it takes to improve their health, their subconscious mind and especially their emotional health. Most people do not do any of those things. They do not seek help. They do not read enough. They do not think about their lives enough. They don't think that their life will improve. They don't have The Trust Factor to think that if they improve how they think, their life cannot help but get better.

These are the people who go through life in pain, in misery with a substandard life. These are the people who seem to have no luck and who life always seems to be dumping on. These are the people who waste their time doing things of no consequence while they ignore the massive problems in their lives like addiction, terrible careers choices or dysfunctional relationships. If they would just fix the worst problems first, their lives would turn around dramatically. They can use the huge power of their subconscious mind to improve their lives.

Your subconscious mind is the most important aspect of you. It is unclear to me if your mind is your brain or something else entirely. It really does not matter that much.

What matters is how you treat yourself and how you think of yourself and how you talk to yourself. What matters is finding out what you want to do, maybe what you are here for and definitely finding out what you are not here for. As a man, you may think that your ability to earn a living, take care of your family or even obtain an erection is what makes you a complete man.

But without your mind, you cannot do any of those things.

You must protect your subconscious mind against the forces that would do it harm. This includes all the negativity, cynicism, bullying and verbal abuse that is out there. You can believe in yourself even if you never trust anyone. You can help yourself by learning more at - The Four Pillars Blog The author explains the Four Pillars as I Exist, I Matter, I Belong, I Deserve. I love the way he puts it. I am continually thinking I matter now because for the majority of my life I thought I did not. This type of negative thinking ruined many aspects of my life.

This includes looking to others like governments to do your problem solving for you.

Your mind is susceptible to all these bad influences especially if it is you saying bad things to yourself.

You need to avoid making personal development mistakes such as using massive willpower, negative reinforcement, impatience and feelings of guilt.

Some people are their own harshest and most severe critic. There are even people who would say that this is a good thing, that it is admirable.

I think that way of thinking is totally wrong.

You do not want to be your harshest critic. You want to be your own best friend, biggest cheerleader, most loyal follower, worshipful lover and the person who is most delighted to see you at all times and in all situations.

This seems a little crazy at first if you have always thought of yourself negatively. But you will quickly learn to love being this way to yourself.

You will become addicted to you.

This is really the only healthy addiction there is.

I believe that the more you love yourself, the less likely it will be that you develop addictions to problem substances like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or food.

I think that the reason that people become addicted to these substances is that they do not love themselves enough. There is some reason that they cannot stop hurting themselves with over smoking, overeating, over drinking and over drugging.

We see this when celebrities exhibit the irrational, out of control behavior that boggles our minds.

We see famous, wealthy, powerful people who we want to be like overdosing on drugs and dying.

This never made sense to me. They had every reason to live. They had it made in my eyes. My eyes have seen days where I had no money at all. I have had times that were unbearably tough and mind boggling tedious. I have had times of extreme pain and misery.

The thought of fabulous wealth that the stars had and wasted by dying is so sad and so unreal.

I am thinking of John Belushi, Chris Farley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

How can people like that, with everything going for them drug themselves into oblivion and an early death?

It makes no sense unless you think of it as they did not love themselves enough to treat themselves better with care and compassion with a thought to a long, healthy, happy life.

I am not even talking about totally abstaining from drugs. Although it is much better for you to never take drugs, millions of people have taken drugs and been fine. The drugs did not take over their lives.

Since millions of people have taken drugs and been fine, it should be obvious that not everyone is going to die from drugs or get so hooked that they have to have them all the time.

In fact, I am kind of disgusted that this is not talked about more. People take drugs because they like to, it makes them feel good and most people are fine afterwards.

No, the real reason that some people get so hooked on drugs and die from them is something else.

I believe it is because the person does not love themselves enough. They have not guarded their subconscious mind from negative influences.

It was not the drink of the drugs that caused them to overdo those substances it was something else. It was their mind telling them that they do not matter without the drugs.

When you think that you matter and love yourself unconditionally, you will not just continue to take drugs and drink and drink or eat and eat of smoke and smoke until you die from it.

You will stop. You will cut back. You will get control.

Most people do this every day. They do not continue to overdo things and die a wretched early death. They do just what I said. They put down the bottle, the smoke and the pipe before it is too late.

Their subconscious mind is telling them it is o.k. to stop, to quit.

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