Fix The Worst
Problems First
Then Everything Falls Into Place

Fix the worst first. This means you stop doing whatever the worst thing is first. Once you go through all the hard work, massive effort and mind shifting necessary and end the worst things you can then work on whatever the small things are. All these little things will fall into place.

Let's look at the US government.

To me, the way out of the mess is easy. Start with the worst thing. End that and things automatically get better.

So, what is the worst thing?

It should be obvious, but if you are a clueless robot, it is the wars.

Fix the worst by ending the wars. The evil, sick, twisted wars. Things will start to get better.

You cannot have peace if you are busy killing.

You cannot have prosperity if a large portion of our money is spent building weapons, paying soldiers now and far into the future, building hospitals to care for the wounded, and providing pension plans, and building more and more weapons, and having troops and equipment stationed around the world. You end the enormous drain of money towards destruction and point the stream of money toward creation. You build things of value instead of destruction. You value creation, not death. You pay for good things that are helpful to people rather than things that are only meant to kill.

Do things get better by coming up with a new healthcare plan? Fix the worst and end the wars.

By spending more money on schools?

By rebuilding roads, curbs and sidewalks?

By passing more laws and coming up with more regulations on how things have to be? Fix the worst and end the wars.

By cutting benefits, and austerity measures?

No, you fix the worst thing and all these other minor things will fall into place.

You focus on what you do want, and the things you don't want will solve themselves.

You focus on peace by concentrating all your attention on peace.

You will never have peace and prosperity by focusing on violence.

You start by ending that and everything will get better.

What if you are addicted to drugs? What if all your money goes to drugs? What if every aspect of your life is tainted by drugs? Being high, stealing money to get high, dealing with the aftermath of being high? Having all the people around you have to deal with you being high? They either help you with your addiction or live in the misery you have caused?

What is the solution to your problems? Fix the worst and quit the drugs.

Is it to paint your house so you feel better?

Is it to buy a new car?

Is is to watch different types of movies?

Is it to eat better, sleep more, take vitamins and exercise so you can be a healthier user?

Is it to get a better job so you can afford better drugs, or more time off to recover from drugging?

Of course not. Fix the worst and quit the drugs.

All these things are minor, little things that do not matter.

They all solve themselves after the massive drug problem is solved.

You need to get off the drugs and your life will improve.

Once you get off the drugs, everything will get better.

That is the problem in the U.S. It is the wars. The wars are the problem. Once you stop the killing, everything will get better. You bring the troops home. You stop making killers out of them. You reduce the number of troops. You stop paying so much of our money on things related to making war. You spend money on things related to peace. You cannot have prosperity if a huge chunk of money is spent on war.

Just as it is ridiculous for a drug user to worry about his 401K or his mortgage or his credit card debt or his favorite local team. All that stuff does not matter. That stuff all will take care of itself once you are off drugs. But until you are off drugs, nothing else matters.

I was married to a verbally abusive women. I stayed with her years too long. It took me months of study, self reflection and a tremendous amount of courage gathering in order to leave her.

I spent years being married doing everything but acknowledging the problem. I worked long and hard at my career trying to make enough money to provide a nice home. I worried over investments, and the mortgage, and the lawn, and the car payment, and the car maintenance, and my retirement and the local team. I spent hours on things that did not matter all the while not acknowledging the real problem.

The real problem was that I needed to leave my wife. I did not want to be with her. She caused me so much pain.

But yet I stayed and worried about things of no real consequence.

What difference would it make how much was in my retirement account? I did not want to be retired with her. I wanted to die young so I would not have to spend all day with her. Day after day. I massively overate to deaden the pain and get to the grave sooner.

What difference did it make how I mowed the lawn. She would just criticize me no matter how I did it.

Why should I care about my home? Being home with my wife was the last place I wanted to be.

All the stupid little things that I did did not matter.

What mattered was a bad marriage and living with a person who was not good for me.

What I needed to do was leave her.

Nothing else mattered but that.

Once I left her, everything just took care of itself. Once I fix the worst, my life got back on track automatically.

They say it is the economy stupid.

That is totally wrong.

It is not the economy that is the problem. Wars are the problem. The wars, the soldiers, the weapons, the equipment is what costs too much. We are spending all this money on wars and getting nothing in return. Money needs to be spent in a productive way. Money needs to be spent in creation, not destruction.

My marriage was destruction. And it destroyed my finances

All these things were casualties of the bad marriage I was in. I could not have happiness or a good life until I left.

It is like how a person on drugs destroys everything around him. Until he gets off drugs there can be nothing good around him. How could there be?

It is stupid to worry about the economy. The economy will never improve until the wars and the massive costs of the wars end.

Even a bigger problem is that in order to be involved in wars for so long is that people have to rationalize it and justify it.

It is like how you rationalize and justify your friend or relative who is on drugs.

You say, well he is a fun loving guy. He needs to be on drugs, look at what he has been through. Or you provide money to the person to let them continue. These are the enablers. They are not helping the person.

The media and almost all other people are the enablers. We salute the soldiers. We support the troops. We build hospitals for the wounded and pay for their million dollar legs.

We want the military equipment plants in our hometown, for the jobs.

We see the soldiers on tv all the time. The newscasters and sportscasters are always bragging about the soldiers. How they are sacrificing for us and our freedoms. How they choose honor and duty.

Honor and duty?

They are hired killers. No wonder they come back from Iraq and commit suicide. Wouldn't you? A decent person cannot live with the horror of doing what they did. A decent person either commits suicide or masks the pain with drugs, alcohol or food. There is no other way to mask the pain. If doing what they did does not bother them, then they are not decent or so stupid as to not even understand.

Fix the worst in your personal life and in the national life and your life and everyone's life will improve.

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