Set Goals
That Make Sense For You

Setting goals and working toward what you want will make your life better. Everyone knows this. It is not a secret anymore. This is crucial to your personal development and your happiness.

The Law of Attraction and the The Strangest Secret outline this well. Personal development trainers and teachers talk and write about it all the time. You cannot use the excuse of you do not know anymore. I have even used the Nevillizing Method for getting my new truck.

But what you may not understand is how to set goals that are yours alone.

You cannot just pick up a book and look at what the author wanted to work toward and do that. This does not work. I mean maybe you don't really want a big house, a new car, to travel more or whatever it is that they are bragging about.

I get the reason of telling people what you have accomplished is meant to inspire you. It is inspirational to hear of someone who came from humble beginnings to rise to great heights and live an abundant lifestyle.

What I am trying to get at is you need to set goals that make sense for you. Right now I do not really have an interest in buying a large home. This goal does not resonate with me. I am extremely happy with the apartment I live in now. Thinking about buying a home is not me right now. It is like even if I had enough money to buy a really nice home, I don't want to. This is not right for me at this time. I am not sure if I want to continue living where I am right now. The city I am in is not that great for me. It works good for my children at this time, but it is not really me.

That is why having a home as a goal may not be good for you. I see myself as living in a different way than having one large home. I see myself with a great, modern, spacious apartment in the City I live in that works good for me and my kids. But I also see myself with a small, wooded country retreat near my parents. I also see myself traveling a great deal. Having a big home does not fit.

You cannot just follow along with someone else in your immediate circle either. Working on your wife's projects, or your children's lives, or your boss's agenda or your parent's ideas on how to live will not give you any satisfaction or bring you any happiness. You will just resent the people closest to you. That is no way to live.

Your life and your happiness is the most important thing to you. You need to do this activity based on exactly what you want for your life. You matter, after all.

When I was married I got caught up in the idea of doing whatever my wife wanted. She was just so determined to get what she wanted and I just followed along. I thought that if I can just work hard to please her and get things the way she wanted them, then I would have a chance to get the things I want and do the things I want to do.

So the days went by and the months went by and the years went by. I kept doing what she wanted. I bit my tongue when she did things I did not approve of. I argued with her. I worked with her. I did everything for her. My life was hers to do what she wanted with it.

The result of all this work and all this effort and all this money and all this time was that my life sucked. Nothing about it was mine. None of the home remodeling projects turned out the way I wanted them to. The cars we had I did not like. The things we did I did not want to do. The furniture, the furnishings, the decorations, the whatever were what she wanted. It was like I was an unwanted guest in my home that I bought and was paying for.

This doing for her did not increase my love for her. It just added one more reason for me to leave her. I resented her for making it so difficult to do things my way and to live my life in the way I wanted.

When a man does not make his own life the most important thing in the world to him, his life, will crumble. That is what happened to me. That is what is happening to millions of men around the world. That is what will happen to millions more.

But not to me anymore

And now, not to you, if you change how you think about this.

I realized that my life was the most important thing to me. The more I read and learned about personal development, the law of attraction, manifesting and goal setting, the more I came to understand how critically important concentrating on your own life is. You need to make your own life and your own happiness the focal point of your life. Your goals are to increase your happiness and to decrease any unpleasant situations and circumstances.

I call this the You Matter theory. You matter to you. You do not have to take a backseat to anyone. If someone forces you into situations and circumstances you do not like you can choose to leave. You can make plans to leave or to change your circumstances as soon as you are able.

You can start immediately to set goals that are yours alone. If you have not ever done this, it will seem strange. It was to me, this thinking about what I wanted. But the more I did this the better I get at is.

You start by reading and learning about simple and powerful goal setting ideas.

You use powerful self help audio programs to speed up how fast you manifest good things into your life.

You make your life your number one priority. This is how it is supposed to be for everyone on the planet. The teachers and the gurus and the experts are all telling us this. You can choose to listen to them and to understand.

Or you can choose to live your life for someone else like your spouse, or your children, or your parents, or your employer, or your government, or your religion or your god.

But all these people and groups outside of yourself are not really what will make your life satisfying.

You will have certain obligations that you need to fulfill. Your children are not going to raise themselves. Your boss will expect certain things from you. But your children will grow up and be free to live their lives. You will move on from your boss to a different boss or be the boss of yourself.

But your life is your life. You are not here to sacrifice for your country and kill who they say kill. You are not here to fulfill every whim of your wife's. You are not here to just work for your children or your boss.

You have to concentrate on what you want and what you want to accomplish. No one can best determine what your goals are for you but you.

You can use complex or simple goal setting methods. Setting goals properly involves being clear on the benefits of reaching the goal. When you can clearly identify the benefits and rewards of reaching the goal you have set it will feed your desire to work toward it.

I have been working on a program called The Secret of Deliberate Creation. This program is 6 CD's that help you create the life you want for yourself. I have been listening to these CD's over and over again. The more I listen to them the more the message sinks in. I have been noticing that my life is getting better and better.

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