Nevillizing Your Goals

I have heard and read about Nevillizing your goals for a few years now.  You may have read Nevilles books or seem this mentioned in Dr. Joe Vitale's books and programs.

I believed this technique works by thinking of what you want.  But I took it one step farther.

I have wanted a 1/2 ton pickup truck for years.  I would say nearly 20 years.  I just could never seem to come up with the money.  If I had extra money it would get spent on something else.

When my kids were young and I was still married, a minivan seemed like the best choice.  So I always had that minivan and then a smaller, cheaper car for me to get to work and run around in.

So I never had the pickup I really wanted all those years.

Then when I left my wife over 5 years ago it would have been the perfect time to get what I wanted.  Except for the major problem of all my money going to my ex-wife.

So I continued to wait and get by with old, hand me down vehicles.

They were fine.  They ran.  They got me to work.  They got me around.

But they were not what I wanted.

I was embarrassed to be seen in them.  Here I was in my 40's, a father, a professional engineer with over 20 years of experience.  I even have all these books for sale , these websites and these podcasts.  Why can't I get what I want?

After my kids could no longer stand to live with their mother and ran away to live with me, I went to court to redo how much I had to pay her.

I ended up having to pay her nothing.


After paying her 75% of my net pay for 4 years, this is pretty sweet.

So after a year of that I have been taking care of old bills, getting out from under all the old problems she caused.  I have been buying all the little things I have wanted.  Clothes, shoes, products, home furnishings, better food, meals out, informational products, coaching.  All kinds of good things.

Just not the truck.

Not until I started Nevillizing.

I had a picture of the truck on my wall.  I had the picture of the truck in my Planner Book.  I drove through the truck dealers and looked all the time.  I sat in the truck in the showrooms.  I thought all the time about it.

I did this for a year or more.  It was intense.

But still no truck.

I applied for financing to get pre-qualified for a loan large enough to buy it.

I had enough money in my savings account for a good sized down payment.

All my other bills are under control.

Still no truck.

Then one night the car my ex-wife is using, my old car, fell apart.  It was too rusty to drive.  It is unsafe.  The mechanic where she was trying to get a new tire would not let her take it.

I came to her rescue and gave her the Jeep I was driving.  I love that Jeep.  It runs great.  It is really good looking.  It is cool.  But it is old.  With a lot of miles.  With a lot of things wrong with it like windows that do not open and an air conditioner that does not work.

But it was mine.  It was paid for.  It ran.

But I felt like I had to provide her something and did.

But now I had no car.

The next day I borrowed my sons little Ford Escort to take to work and made him take the bus to school.

I did not want to be forced to buy a car that day.  Should I ask my dad if I could borrow one of his old cars?  I knew he would let me. 

But I am doing good now.  I do not need to lean so heavily on him now.

I decided I would rent a car for a few days while I figured out what to do.

I called Enterprise Rent a Car.  Just as I was thinking about renting the cheapest car they had, I thought about Nevillizing.

So I rented the truck that I have been dreaming about for years.

I fell in love with the truck as soon as I got behind the wheel.  Driving it is a delight.  It is exactly what I wanted.

I drove that rented truck for a week.  Enjoying every second of it. Nevillizing  it.  Feeling it.  Seeing it.  Driving it.  Enjoying it.

I bought nearly the same truck from Enterprise Rental Car Sales a week after.  It took a few more weeks to get, but I have it now and love it.

This was Nevillazing to the next level.  I rented what I wanted until I got what I wanted.  I took it to the next level to feel what it would be like to have it.

Try this method.  It worked for me.

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