My Favorite
Personal Development Resources

Here are my favorite Personal Development Resources.

For Weight Training and Bodybuilding. Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout. This program is so great because it does not take much time. It is very heavy lifting done safely with minimal stress to your joints. You do not have to lift very often or very long with this program. You just get stronger and stronger and you will develop more muscles than you have ever had.

For Weight LossTry Zero Resistance Weight Loss Program by Dr. Robert Anthony.

For Marriage Problems. I recommend my book - How to Leave Your Wife. My life was just no good being married. Sometimes the only way to get your life together is to leave the bad people behind. You can also read these two books -

To Get Better Looking Try The Handsome Factor. Looking better will give you more confidence.

To make more money and get your mind right about making money. You can try Click Bank Secret Code.

Overall way to create your life exactly as you want it.Probably the best resource I have used in the last few years is another program by Dr. Robert Anthony. I listen to these CD's over and over again in my car. I hardly ever listen to the radio anymore. I prefer to feed my mind the positive and uplifting messages from The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

If you believe at all in yourself you need to invest in your own development. It is not only vital to your own improvement, it is fun. Spending money on what you want is so much more satisfying than any other thing you can buy.

I get very little satisfaction buying gifts for other people only to have them ask me where I got it so they can return it.

But when I buy myself one of these great programs and I start to use this program and start seeing the results, that is what I love.

You cannot go wrong by purchasing any of these programs or books. I have all these and use them all the time. If you do not invest in these programs or books at least do your own research and invest in something. The act of spending some money on your needs is empowering, enlightening and so good for you.

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Secret of Deliberate Creation

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is so elegant and simple. With this secret you cannot fail.

Marriage Problems?

If you are in a bad marriage that is draining the life out of you, learn what to do here. How to Leave Your Wife is my story of how I left my wife and why you may need to leave yours.

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