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Getting the good life you want should be your highest priority. Why this isn't everyone's first priority is beyond me. What is more important to you than your own life? Nothing is the short answer. The faster you come to that realization the faster your life will improve.

The flip side is that the longer you stay wallowing in the mire of thinking others matter more than you do, the more impossible it becomes for you to have any type of a life at all.

You deserve a good life as I talk about in this podcast -

You will want to spend enough time figuring out what a good life means to you. I recently realized that I am living my ideal life now. I do not even need to make that many changes. I am doing about as much as I can do toward my ideal life and I have never been happier.

It may be more money, better relationships, a reason to get up early, more satisfying work, a more adventurous lifestyle. or a more satisfying sex life.

Learn more about that at

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Far too many men, women and couples do not spend any time thinking of such things when the resources a click away.

For a lot of people thinking of their own life is not something they normally do. You may need to think of what a good life is not in order to even determine what you want in your life. I know that in my own life I spent far too much time trying to please my wife and thinking about everyone but myself.

I think this type of continually trying to please others and putting their needs ahead of your own is totally unhealthy.

You just cannot have the type of rewarding life you deserve if your time is not your own. Do not let the ideas of others dictate how you live. You have to understand that most other people do not want you to have any fun. To them, the worse your life is, the better. Your money, your time, your freedom and you living a boring life is what they want. Your life not fun is what they want. Even the idea that pets for men is a good thing is wrong. A pet will not make for a good life for you if it takes all your time.

Besides how can you begin to help anyone, including a pet, if you do not have your life together and you are not satisfied?

This just leads to an unsatisfactory life to you.

What I like to do is spend as much of my mental energy deciding what I want to do and how I want to spend my life. This is a lot more interesting than worrying about celebrities, sports stars and politicians. Thinking about people like that is just so boring and stupid to me. I want my life to be an inspiration to others rather than always looking to others for inspiration or excitement.

I like to think of my life and what makes me happy. I want my home to be how I like it. I follow these bachelor pad tips for my home so I get it how I want it.

My idea of a good life is to avoid stress. Certain times of the year are notorious for causing enormous amounts of stress. Spend some time and effort to get organized for the holidays to reduce this stress causing time.

Another way to determine what a good life means to you is to first determine what it is not. You just think about what you want to end, what you want over, what frustrations you have and what is irritating to you. Once you think of the bad things you do not want and take the steps to get rid of the bad things, your life will get better.

One of the easiest ways to improve your life is to get rid of stuff that is making you miserable or is frustrating to you. This could be stuff or any situation that is annoying. Once damage is done, now what do you do? Do you ignore the pain, do you continue to live in misery? Or do you look for ways to improve?

The source of my biggest pain was my wife. Being with her was not good for me. She was the problem. I could not take the pain of being with her any longer and left. Once I left her, my life began to improve. It was not an easy thing, in fact it was a terrible ordeal but I had to do it.

Maybe you are not in a terrible marriage but you may have lots of little frustrations you need to get through.

Maybe you are in your mid life and need a perspective from men who have gone through this stage. Check out this site.
If you are going through some midlife changes, (maybe you feel a bit like you are 'lost in the woods') this site can be your guide and companion. It will take the mystery out of the changes that happen at midlife, and show you how to handle them so you can 'graduate' to the fuller life beyond.

List out your problems and then list out all the possible solutions. Be creative, think this out. Get out your paper and pens. Brainstorm as much as you can.

The biggest hint to getting through problems is to try to see how many you do not have to deal with. Think what would happen if you just dropped things off your list without doing anything about them. This is the easy way to get rid of problems.

Your happiness, your own good life should be the most important thing you work on. You deserve to be happy just as much as anyone else. - Are you looking for ways to live a happier, healthier and more abundant life?

Information on retraining your subconscious mind, positive thinking, and how to be happier in life.

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