Start Living Your Ideal Life Now

It just struck me this morning that I am already living my ideal life now. I have surrounded myself with what I want already. My life is great right now, just the way it is.

I am sitting in a very comfortable recliner.

I have a very cozy fleece blanket on my legs because it is cool this morning. I am writing this on my laptop computer.

I have a big cup of fresh coffee by my side.

I have pictures, plaques and awards of my children to look at on my far wall.

I have a big, tall bookcase that my dad made for me filled with books on the wall to my left.

I have a globe and maps of the world. I have always loved to travel and to study maps and geography.

I have pictures and paintings of mountain scenes and nature scenes scattered throughout my home. Some of my best memories were spent in the mountains.

My house is pretty much picked up and fairly clean. I love the look of everything being put away with not much out.

My children are sleeping soundly and will be getting up soon to get ready for the good schools they attend.

They are happy now and seem to have no real troubles to deal with. They have adjusted to living full time with me. They are putting the painful memories of living with their mother, my ex-wife, behind them. So am I.

My daughter is happily planning her 13 year old birthday party sleepover party. She is planning on having 5 friends and 2 cousins sleep over.

My son is busy with football, his part-time job, school, friends and his really nice girlfriend.

I am planning on my weekend get together with my good friends.

I worked outside all day yesterday and I am not that tired and sore. I am getting in better shape.

I have all my current bills paid and am in good shape with them.

I met with my attorney last week to get the ball rolling on revising the terms of my divorce settlement.

I have ended the car insurance I have been covering for my ex-wife that will save me some money.

I have new cell phones for me and my kids so we are not on my ex-wife's plan anymore.

These two entanglements with her have been gnawing at me for years.

Life is good right now and it will get better.

Sure, there are things that I need to do that would be great if they were done. But that is life. There will always be things that need to be done.

But my home and living environment are the way I want them.

I can just enjoy what I have.

As I increase my prosperity I will just upgrade what I have now to a better version of how I am living now.

I will have more pictures of my kids and in better frames.

I will buy more pictures and paintings of mountain scenes. I will travel again to the mountains and create more memories.

I will buy more books and have more bookcases.

I will buy a better recliner.

I will keep my house cooler when it is hot and warmer when it is cold.

I will buy better coffee.

I will pay off my bills even earlier and sooner.

I will just continue to do what I am doing only better.

Instead of looking at the world on a globe and on maps I will travel where I want.

I am living my ideal life now and am grateful that I realize it.

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