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Use this Contact Me form for your questions, comments or suggestions about this web site and anything having to do with making your life as a man better.

Your private comments are safe with me. Feel free to ask me anything or tell me anything. I only have your first name and email address.

Getting information out there is the best way to learn and help others.

This site is for men specifically. Personal development is for women too, but men need different things than women. That is why I started this website. It is a place for men to get information that helps them.

It is my belief that men are not just a cog in another person's plan. I believe that each man, each person, is important as an individual. My thoughts are on individuals, not groups. You do not need to be part of a group to have value. You have value because you were born.

Go ahead and email me your ideas that have made your life better as a man. My ideas come from my own experience and the observation of others. As I learn things and try new things I find new ways of living a better life. Whenever I discover ideas I look for ways to include those ideas into my life if it makes sense.

The thing is something you learn today may not be useful to you now, but may be extremely important to you years later. That is why it is important to keep an open mind and be willing to learn things for the sake of your own better future.

Feel free to criticize my ideas if you think they are off base. I am not afraid to examine what I think. As I learn and grow older I have changed my mind on numerous things. Of course, neither should you be afraid to question what you do and how you think

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