Homes for Men and the
Features that work for You

What are homes for men anyway? Shouldn't women decide the home you buy and how it is decorated and furnished? Shouldn't you let your wife tell you what she wants and you buy her that?

Don't read the home advice written for women. If you do that you will buy an expensive home that may look great that your wife will like. But you won't like it. Every massive payment will be a painful reminder that you are spending most of your money on a house that you are not comfortable in.

If you are the one spending most of the money on the house you have to make sure it is great for you. Homes for men make the most sense because you will make it work for you. You will be most happy if it suits you.

Most men don't do this. Most men let their wives do the home shopping and picking out the features. This may be fine if your wife agrees with you or has a high degree of common sense and knows that the house has to work for you as well as for her. But if you let her have her way you will get stuck buying an expensive house that is more like a prison than a sanctuary. Homes for men should be like a fortress for you, rather than a highly decorated, overpriced showplace you are not comfortable in.

If you are shopping for a house, start thinking of the types of features that are most helpful to you.

Homes for Men Features

1. His and her bathrooms. Those ridiculous huge massive master bathrooms make no sense for a man. This single, large bathroom is really just for your wife. It may be great for her, but will it work for you? It is your homes for men too. When I was married we had a big house and the big master bathroom. This was in effect, just for my wife. She just barged in on me when I was on the toilet, often complaining of the smell. She decorated in a manner I did not like and kept it messier than how I like a bathroom to be. If you have separate bathrooms all these problems are eliminated. It is nice to have a big shower or whirlpool tub to share, but those things could be in one bathroom or the other. You each can decorate it or not how you like. You can each clean it or not however you like. Your wife can have a private sanctuary and so can you. You don't have to look at all her stuff. She does not have to smell you on the toilet.

2. Private spaces for everyone in the house. Each child needs privacy. So do you. You need spaces in the home that are yours alone.

3. Private outdoor areas away from nosy neighbors and passers by. You can sunbathe without someone seeing you and calling out. If the area is private enough you can even sunbathe in the nude.

4. Soundproof bedrooms. Not only will you sleep much better you can be as loud and wild during sex as you want. You don't have to worry about waking the kids or offending the neighbors.

5. Storage built-ins and closets. These things work better than even the best storage furniture.

6. Plenty of space at the doors and entries. There is nothing quite so frustrating as trying to get through a door or entry way and not being able to because the area is hopelessly small or extremely cluttered.

7. Plush carpeting that feels good under your feet in the rooms that make sense.

8. A screen porch. I love the idea of a screen porch. You can sit in comfort away from bugs and still be kind of outside.

9. A deck or patio in the sun that is easy to get to right outside your door. This way you can get outside for some sunshine and fresh air really easily. If getting outside takes a lot of effort, then you won't. I currently live in an apartment with a fairly large deck right off my dinette. This deck is accessed by a large sliding door. It is easy for me to go outside. I go in and out all the time in good weather. It is not a hassle at all. I have lived in apartments that had no deck. I never went outside in those days. Now I can get in the sun all the time.

10. Washer and dryer close to your bedrooms and set up in a way that they are not too loud.

11. Spaces in the home that are yours alone. Homes for men means that your home should be yours to enjoy in a way that works for you.

You can see that all these features are for your comfort and convenience. There is really nothing about decorating. You can decorate it in a way that you like. But the big thing is that your home needs to be extremely comfortable for you. You are the one paying for it. It has to be a sanctuary for you. It has to work for you. You cannot just let your wife decide the type of home.

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