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Self esteem is the key to having a great life. High not low esteem. Why is this? Isn't more money or a great career or the perfect partner more important?


Just examine what happens to a person when they feel bad about themselves.

I think you can probably trace back the problems and difficulties in your life to the root cause being how you feel about yourself.

But what really causes this? I believe it is from the stupidity or tyranny or at least the negative comments of others.

If your parents beat you, yelled at you, or made your childhood a living hell or miserable in some way, that was not your fault. That was them. That is the tyranny of bad parents. The result is that your life is made less by their treatment of you. You just may not realize it for years or decades later.

If you were bullied by other kids, either siblings, neighbors, relatives, schoolmates or so-called friends that was them.

The cause of your being bullied was not you having low esteem, the cause was that they were bullying you. They were mean and evil to you. They may have been bullied by their parents or someone else or some other reason. The reason only matters to them, not to you. The result is that you feel bad about life and yourself because of being pushed around or living in fear of others.

If as you were growing up you had issues of some kind that made you different than others, that was the cause of your low self esteem. For me, I was fat, needed glasses and braces. Even if people did not blatantly say negative things to me, I could look in the mirror and see my problems.

If your wife nags you, criticizes you, is never happy, snaps at you, finds fault with everything you do, yells at you and makes excessive demands, that is her, not you. This does not help you at all. This is the type of wife you have to leave. This is the type of person you have to get tough with. You cannot go through life being a pushover and letting people run roughshod over you.

You cannot wait for someone else to do something. You have to stick up for yourself. I think it should be obvious that the root cause of low self esteem is a result of your dealings with other people.

Once you realize this is so, you can move on from it.

The cure is to raise it.

I know this sounds too simple. Others may say you need to go back and revisit all the old pain and hurt. Maybe, maybe not.

I am not a therapist, just a man with low self esteem trying to raise it.

The cure is to realize the problem and take action by self esteem building and realizing you matter.

The cure also means that there were people causing you this low self esteem and that their issues do not have to be your issues. You do not need anyone's permission to feel better about your life.

You just make up your mind to feel better and you take the actions that you decide you need to feel even better.

You can learn from the quotes about being strong from others. You can draw strength from their words and sayings.

I decided to take steps to improve my self esteem. These steps were in the areas of my life that I was not satisfied with.

I was extremely unhappy with how my wife was treating me and in spite of me telling her I needed her to change how she was to me, she would not stop. So I left her. This, of course, is a massive change. A change for the better, but it was difficult, painful and a disaster. But now, I see it was the best thing I ever did.

I was not happy being overweight and out of shape so I decided to lift weights, eat a lot less and do a lot of walking.

I was not happy with how I looked in my clothes so I started shopping for clothes that looked good on me and making it a priority to only wear good looking clothes.

I was not happy looking pale and white so I made it a point to get some sun as often as I could.

I decided that even though I was considered one of the fat men, I would look good and take steps to improve my appearance and my life.

I was not happy with the amount of money I was making in my job so I started some internet businesses to increase my income.

I was not happy with the size of my penis, so I started doing penis enlargement exercises.

All these changes I made in my life have had a remarkable effect on how I feel about myself.

Where I once was fat, flabby, pale, in poor looking clothes I am now muscular, more fit, tanned man who looks good in the clothes I have purchased.

Where I was once a hen-pecked husband under continually verbal abuse who had to walk on eggshells to avoid the wrath from my wife now I am a confident man who has options with women and never has to settle for less than the type of relationship I want.

Where I once was ashamed of the size of my penis, now I am not.

I did all these things for myself because I finally realized that I matter. I started to wake up to the fact that death was coming for me. I started to think about life and death and that since death was coming I had better start living now.

Realizing that my low self esteem was holding me back from having a good life, I actively took steps and am still taking those steps and others to keep raising my self esteem.

To me, the first step to increasing your self esteem is to realize that by being born, you belong. You are fine. You are a magnificent human being. Being unselfish is a not good thing, not bad, in spite of what you have always heard.

I call this the idea of you matter.

I am not excusing all the bad things and bad people in the world.

For one thing, this website is not written for bad people. Bad people are not welcome here. This website is for good people looking for some guidance, some ideas, some clues, some encouragement and some resources.

This site is me trying to help you. This site is me working through my own issues and sharing with you what helped me and what I truly believe will help any man.

So this site is not written for Hitler, Stalin or Mao. It is not written for politicians. It is not written for power mad people taking advantage of others. If you think you ought to have power over others, you do not. No one does. Any other mindset is wrong.

I like to look for and use simple solutions to anything I do such as -

Build Self Esteem with Self-Esteem-School
Get all the tools you need to build a healthy self esteem. Free self esteem curriculum, articles, exercises and activities with worksheets and much more.

Your level of esteem, how you feel about yourself causes your life to either be good or bad. When you feel bad about yourself it causes you problems. It can be catastrophic at worst. It can be a dull existence at best.

At least think about this concept enough to make improvements in your life. Find ways to get comfortable without food. Find ways to feel good now. Be your own best friend. Do good things for you instead of always bending over backwards for others.

For an even more information on building your esteem, check this link - Self Esteem Building The author of this website has an amazing story of escaping the Iron Curtain. I am still so filled with awe of what people have gone through to get to where they are today.

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