Fat Men Can Look Good

Fat men can look good if they make an effort to do things right. You do not have to resign yourself to a life of looking bad just because you are fat. You do not have to wait to lose weight to look good. Work on losing weight while you are working on a good life.

Here are some simple steps for you to look good now:

Tips for Fat Men

1. Get a tight to your head haircut often. I try for every 3 to 4 weeks. Bigger men never look good with big, bushy hair. Only if you are actually in a rock band and women actually comment on how they love your hair. Some thinner men do seem to look good with the long, stringy hair but on fat men, this just looks ridiculous. You want to get that hair tight to your head. You will look tough and cool the shorter it is. Maybe even totally shaved, but at least short. You can also learn how to regrow your hair.

2. Buy at least 2 really nice shirts that fit you just right. These shirts need to just graze your body. It would pay to have them tailored to fit you just right. That is why I say only get 2. To keep the cost of the tailoring down. Two are nice so you can wear one today and one tomorrow while you do the laundry. They cannot be really big and baggy and long. They need to not be tucked in your pants. They should be long enough to go about half way down your butt. Any longer than that and they have to be tucked in. These are the shirts you will wear when you are out and about and trying to look good. These shirts should either be with a full button down or with buttons at the neck. If the shirt has buttons at the neck then should be try to get the kind without the golf collar. These golf shirts are everywhere on all men and they do not look that good unless you are golfing. The better look is to have all the buttons open without the collar. This is really just a cotton t-shirt with some buttons on the top. It is a v-necked look. This is the best look on men. T-shirts do not look good on men as they get older and fatter. Men like to wear t-shirts because they are cooler and more comfortable. Unfortunately, they look terrible on most men. The way to do this is to wear the type of shirt I am talking about.

3. Sleep more to eat less. The less you sleep the more you will eat. The science has proven this and you know it is true. What do you do when you need to stay up late or get up early? You eat junk food and lots of it. All the anecdotal evidence show this. You can lose a little weight just by sleeping more. The first step on a weight loss program should be to go to bed early, early, early. You need to go to bed early enough and often enough that you consistently get up before your alarm and you actually want to. That is how you tell if you are well rested. If this does not happen it means you are not sleeping enough. I know this sounds too simple, but the simple solution is the best. It may take weeks or even months to feel this way. But once you finally get sleep the results will astound you. Getting enough sleep is surprisingly difficult to do. There is so much to do in the evening. TV, movies, entertainments, video games and everything else. I still struggle at times getting enough sleep. It is tempting to do more by sleeping less to get more time, but in the end it will show. When you are hungry at night, just go to bed without eating, this is how to lose weight.

4. Get in the sun. I know you will be tempted to stay inside. You will be embarrassed by your size. You need to get through this. Getting more sun is a component of weight loss, health and fitness. You need to get sunshine in order to feel good. I live in an apartment with a somewhat private deck. I can sit in the sun by myself without going to the beach or pool or have to be around a lot of people. This is one of the best features to look for in your housing, some outdoor privacy. When I was younger I was embarrassed to be seen without a shirt on. You know what I mean. Fat men feel funny with a big gut hanging over your belt. The way to get over this problem is by doing it. I know it is hard. That is why I love my private deck. I just sit outside by myself and nap or read or do some paperwork. You do not need to worry about getting a perfect tan either. Just get some sun on your face, chest, belly, arms, shoulders and legs. It is hard to lay on your stomach to get your back tan, don't worry about it. Get as much as you can.

5. Start lifting weights and bodybuilding. It takes time to see the results but you will not see the results until you start. A heavier man needs to at least have some big muscles. You need big arms, big shoulders, a big chest and a big back to go along with a big gut. A fat man with thin arms is the worst look, I am sorry to say this, but you know it is true. The good news is that you are probably strong already from carrying yourself around. You just need to add muscle size and the tone or density from heavy lifting.

6. Eat more meat and a lot, lot less of everything else. Switch to diet soda if you cannot quit soda entirely. Give up the massive quantities of carbohydrates you have been eating. Switch to light beer or diet soda with your drinks. Eat a lot of meat, this is the easiest way to lose weight and the easiest way to not eat so many carbohydrates.

7. Grow some facial hair. All men look better with facial hair, even the pretty boys. If you have the type of job that you cannot grow a mustache, beard or goatee at least let your sideburns grow.

8. Speak with a deeper, lower, slower voice. A bigger, deeper voice is always better than a high squeaky voice, big or small. Too many men try to talk deeper but when they are on the phone or nervous, start talking higher and more like a girl. You want to end that. Learn how to deepen your voice here - Deep Voice Mastery

9. Throw out all the bad clothes you have. You need to get ruthless here. Men, and especially fat man, will have a huge amount of ugly shirts. You do not want to be tempted with ugly misshapen shirts. Avoid black shirts like the plague. Some very lean men look ok in black shirts, but fat men look hideous in black.

10. Just like all men are told to do, fat men included, get good shoes. I have black timberland boots, brown timberland boots, leather sandals that mostly cover my feet and pure white K-Swiss tennis shoes. These are the type of shoes that work best for me.

11. Do not wear tight pants. Not only do you look bad, tight pants are really hard on fat mens testicles and penis.

12. Only wear good looking boxer shorts. Never, ever wear tight white underwear. Even the best looking, most in-shape male models look ridiculous in skimpy underwear of any kind. Tight underwear not only makes you look bad and feel bad about yourself it is hard on fat mens testicles and penis.

13. Love yourself enough to do these things and keep doing them. It is not easy. It will be really hard if you have let yourself go for years or longer. You use food for comfort. You have issues about something and you use food to cope. You believe the lies about what is healthy and what is not. Cheaper food is more fattening and you cannot seem to afford the better stuff. The big thing is to start thinking of yourself as good looking and fit. The more you think this way the more you can do the things that a good looking, fit man would do. Get more sleep, get more sun, get more exercise, eat more meat and less junk and pay for better food for yourself. You would also be doing things for yourself that do not involve food. Tell yourself you are working on you. You are not one of the fat men who have given up hope.

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