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You have to be an organized single dad. There is no way for you to have any kind of a life without being organized. This is important beyond words when you are a dad.

Maybe you can get by being disorganized when you are single. Maybe you can even get by being disorganized when you are married, especially if your wife is an organized person.

But if you are like me, divorced with children, you will quickly see how much extra work there is having children when you are single again.

The first few years after I left my wife the kids stayed with her. Being organized was not that crucial to me. Even though I am extremely organized and even have a website called - I am known as The Organized Man. I enjoy being organized for it's own sake.

But late in 2010 my son could not deal with living with his mother anymore. I decided that he should come and live with me. It has been wonderful to have him with me full time. But it did take some getting used to. There is more food to buy and prepare. There is more laundry. There is more cleaning. There is more preparation. There is more of everything.

Just as the two of us were adapting, my daughter ran away from her mother to live with me.

What used to be a lightly used 2 bedroom apartment for one organized man, now is a heavily used 2 bedroom apartment for me, a teenage boy and a just turned teenage girl.

Without the organizing principles I am giving you in the book I wou really be struggling.

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