Best Stuff for men

The best stuff for men includes the best inventions for men, entertainment, movies, books and good stuff that men have invented and created for men and women.

When you think deeply of the great things in life it is hard not to be impressed with the creativity, persistence, hard work, inspiration and genius of men who have done all this.

I never feel bad thinking of these things and comparing myself to great men. I only feel bad when I am not spending enough time creating something myself.

I feel bad whenever I am not spending enough time and energy on my needs, my wants and my desires. I look bad and feel worse when I do not eat the best food for men.

I think that the greatest harm in the world is mostly caused by men who are not busy creating something of value that help people or give them something they can really use.

I see this all the time whenever you encounter someone who is just not right. They are usually not doing anything of value. Why are the police so hated by most normal people? They are not creating anything of value, they are just enforcing the rules of the most hated people on the planet, the politicians.

Why do some people hate their jobs with some vehemence? Because their job does not create anything of value.

Why do people throw away their lives? Because they are not adding to the world in some way.

The more of your life that you spend creating something good, something that people like, something that you can be proud of, the happier your life will be. This is the type of life that everyone can be proud of.

When you watch the inspiring, drama filled, or gut busting funny best movies for men, you will see the effort and talent of people at it's best.

When you read a book that you cannot put down until you finish it, that is an inspiration.

That is a good life, that is what we all need to do. That is spending your life in a meaningful way.

How can it be otherwise? If your life is spent in petty squabbles or giving others a hard time, or enforcing rules, regulations and laws how can you have a good life? You can't, it is not possible.

If you are giving and receiving great fathers day gifts and other gifts that are easy to get and that help someone, that is even better.

Just move your life towards doing things and creating the best stuff for men and that people want and willingly pay for. Then you will have the great life you really want.

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