Best Food for Men

The evidence seems clear enough on what the best food for men is. I have read enough books and reports. Men need to avoid sugar and carbohydrates and stick to the primal type foods.

I can see the evidence on my body. The more potatoes, bread, sweets and sugars I eat, the more bloated I become.

I can eat a massive steak and still feel slim if I skip the potato.

I can eat 6 pieces of chicken if I skip the mashed potatoes and biscuits.

It is the carbohydrates that fatten you up. The evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, is overwhelming.

You absolutely have to avoid the excess carbohydrates and almost eliminate sugar if you are at all interested in losing weight.

That is the hard part. It is difficult when the amount of sugar and carbohydrates is all around us and so tempting and so cheap.

You can buy a massive quantity of carbohydrate and sugary food for the cost of one good steak. You can basically eat cheap carbohydrates for weeks for the cost of a few healthy steaks.

It's not right, but it is the reality.  Unhealthy food is cheap and healthy man food is expensive.  That is why it is so important to make a lot of money and control your expenses on whatever else you can.

If you are poor, the chances that you eat way too much of the carbohydrate and sugar based processed food is easy to see. That is why most poor people are fat. It is also why it is imperative for you to find ways to earn more money if you want to be healthy.

I have no real answer on eating right if you are poor. You just have to realize it and move toward the better eating habits as you accumulate more money to buy it.

Here is my list of the best food for men:

1. Steak. The only reason I do not eat steak every day is the cost.

2. Other red meat. Why is hamburger almost expensive as steak? Does anyone see this?

3. Chicken and turkey. I still love chicken when it is fixed right. Turkey is a real pain to cook. It is good as cold cuts or ground turkey.  I like the canned chicken too.  It is easy to store.

4. Pork. Bacon, sausage, ham and pork chops. I even love the fatty pork steak.

5. Fish. I do go on tuna kicks from time to time whenever I find it on sale.

6. Eggs. Eggs are the cheapest best source of protein for breakfast. I avoid cereal and just fry up an egg or 2 for breakfast. It does not take that long.

7. Cheese. If you do not like cheese, you probably do not like anything.

8. Milk.

9. Vegetables. I like to have a salad every day. A salad gives you a lot of what you need.

10. Fruit. It appears that fruit is not as important as they say. You can get by without much fruit. When it is inexpensive and in season, I eat more fruit. When I crave it, I get some. The craving is my body telling me to eat some fruit.

11. Nuts. The problem with nuts is their cost. I tend to eat more nuts when they are free.

12. Alcohol. Alcohol does not seem to help your physical health. What it does do is helps you have fun. It helps your mental health. It is hard to not feel great when you are out sipping some drinks with good people in fun surroundings. The world seems great at that time. That is why I have included it here. You know not to let it control your life. I do not find it that fun to sit around drinking by myself. I would rather drink with friends or in a social setting where there is a chance of meeting new people. I have learned how to control the amount I drink. I rarely get drunk like when I was a young man. For me, I can have 2 drinks an hour and still be fine. If I am in a situation with friends where it is safe to have more, I do. I do not feel bad getting drunk once in awhile, I still find it fun. You can choose low calorie or low carbohydrate options.

The biggest thing is to find what works best for you. The best food for men is what works best for you.

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