How to Increase Your
Prosperity Mindset
To Receive Abundance

What is a prosperity mindset anyway and why do you need to bother with this?

When you read and listen to the main gurus on abundance like Dr. Joe Vitale and Randy Gage, they will always stress the importance of thinking positively about abundance and anchoring that thinking by actually spending money on things you really want.

They call it prosperous spending. They don't just say to buy things you want, these guys go out and do it. They both have these fabulous car collections and freely talk about what they are spending money on. They have an abundant life and they are teaching us to have that too.

I love how they do this. They are never saying to live small, live way below your means and to scrimp and save. They believe in living large. They are always talking about the fabulous, expensive things they are doing and buying. They are both super inspiring in this way. They have this fantastic prosperity mindset and do not feel the guilt that so many people have over the desire for material things.

They have the prosperous thinking I want to develop down. They do not think small and that the way to live is to believe you are poor. This is an all wrong way to think. You want to think that you are in the process of getting rich. You love to see others do well because you want to do well.

I even spent 8 weeks laid off from my job. Instead of complaining about it and being afraid of my future I spent those weeks living life to it's fullest. It was a productive layoff for me. When you think of scrimping and saving it is always so depressing. I mean there is not much as unsatisfying as always buying whatever is cheap rather than what you really want. Continually buying the cheapest things, only shopping sales and cutting coupons is not a satisfying was to live.

You probably do not even tell people what to get you as gifts. You are always thinking unselfishly. Instead of telling people the best gifts for men that you would really enjoy you just say oh, whatever. You do not even have a prosperity mindset when people are actually asking what you would like for Christmas or your birthday. You need to think what you will give to you. You need to think what types of luxury gifts for men you would like to get from others and buy for yourself.

When you live this way, you have a hard time even thinking of what you would buy or do if you were to become rich. You need to shift to a prosperity mindset by actually planning and making lists of what you would buy and do with a lot of money.

It is not that hard to just write down on a list what you want. Inexpensive as well as expensive. Get your desires out of your head and down on paper. I have found that once I have my desires written down, they materialize. The item I want becomes available on deep discounts or in thrift shops or my finances shift so that I can easily obtain it.

If you think you will never get it, you will not. You have to think you will get it.

This does not always take a lot of money either. Often just a bit more. The results of spending a little more money on your desires increases your prosperity mindset. This is how you create it. You think of what you want the most, desire the most and what would make you happiest. You write this down on a list, like a grocery list. It is a list of what you are going to get. It may take time to get these things, but by writing them down, you will get them.

I also think rich by doing what I will do when I am rich right now.

I want to make my living from the internet working on my websites and my books so that is what I do now. I work on my internet businesses. And I work in the manner that I want to work on it in the future when it is all I need to do.

I enjoy getting up early to read and write. So I do that now and I will continue to do it when I am rich.

When I am inspired to write I write. Early in the morning, mid afternoon and late at night, whenever the inspiration hits me.

I do not want to always work within a prescribed time frame. I want to work when I want to work.

I take my laptop computer to the coffee shops and work there, just as I am going to be doing when my entire living is made on the internet.

This does not cost that much. You can get as much coffee as you want and a great tasting pastry for less than $4.00 at Panera Bread. I just work there for a few hours, drinking their good coffee and enjoying the experience. To me, that is what the rich version of myself will do, so I do that now. My prosperity mindset includes how I will spend my time and what I am going to do.

When I am rich I will relax and spend time in the sun relaxing in a comfortable chair. So that is what I do now. Whenever it is sunny out and I am home, I sit in my comfortable outdoor chaise lounge and soak up some sun. I look better now with a decent tan and I feel so much better by being in the sun as often as I can.

The rich person I aspire to be will spend time outdoors and look good with a nice tan. I will be relaxed and well rested.

So that is what I do now.

When I am rich I will not live in a cluttered messy home. I will get rid of things that do not serve me and that are in the way. I will get rid of perfectly good things because I just do not need them anymore. I will not feel guilt over this because my life and how I want to live it is the most important thing to me. So that is what I do now. I am always throwing things out and dropping things off at Goodwill. I always feel good getting rid of things.

When I am grocery shopping, along with buying things on sale, I will also get a few of the things I really want. I know as a rich man, I will be buying the really good food that is available and want to enjoy that now. I do not like to eat canned food that much, so I do not buy that much canned food. It is so much more satisfying to have fresh or frozen food. It does not cost that much more either. It is better to eat a little less of more expensive, better food anyway.

When I am rich I will just pay my bills when they come in. I will not wait a few weeks or until the end of the month to pay. I will just pay the same day. So that is what I do now as much as possible. When I get a bill in the mail, I open it up, throw away the envelope it came in, the fillers inside, get out my checkbook, write the check, insert it in the return envelope, put a stamp on it and put it in the mailbox.

That is how I want to be. I do not want a stack of bills piling up to go through at the end of the month. I want my bills paid. So that is what I do now, as much as I can.

These are simple prosperity mindset shifts anyone can make. You just decide what you will be doing when you are rich and do those things now.

When I am rich I will invest in real estate, stocks, businesses, forex and other things. I will study those investments before I buy them so that is what I do now. Have you thought about forex trading, it is really quite simple.

This is the process that Dr. Joe Vitale calls Nevillizing your goals. You think how you will feel when it happens. You develop your prosperity mindset now and the wealth will show up later.

You start to think better about bills and buying when you live this way. Instead of complaining about your bills and how much things cost you just pay your bills when they arrive and realize that you have no control over how much things cost. You can look for ways to decrease your expenses but you don't spend a lot of time on this. You spend the bulk of your time creating something with the idea of your enjoyment or your increased income or even better, both.

You just get busy creating more income and wealth for yourself so you can grow into this rich, stress-free way of living.

You realize that you can have a prosperity mindset and that

abundance and happiness are just as much for you as for anyone else. You have the right to a rich, prosperous and happy life.

We only have now after all. You just live now how you want to live when you are rich. Your can change your prosperity mindset right now. You can learn how best to create this prosperity mindset with The Secret of Deliberate Creation program. I have been listening to these CD's over and over again to work through all the issues I have about how I feel and believe about money. It is really starting to help me.

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