My Productive Unemployment

I had a very productive unemployment. I just did not sit around drinking away my sorrows when I was laid off for 8 weeks. Besides drinking being an expense I could not justify, drinking all the time does not fit into my lifestyle.

To be clear, I do love to drink. I have from my first sip of beer as a teenager to today. Just not that often.

I love to go out to bars with friends and drink. To me, nothing is as much fun.

I love to go out alone and drink and try to meet people.

I love to drink at parties, on boats, in the sun, in the shade, late at night and early in the morning.

You would think with this love that I would be an alcoholic lush who is guzzling drinks constantly.

But that is not the case.

I just love it to excess moderately.

Not moderation as in having a drink or 2 a day. To me, that is no fun. I do not want to have one or 2 drinks a day. I just have so many other things I want to do. I do not need a drink to relax. I can relax easily. I do not find relaxing difficult. I just need someplace comfortable to sit or lay down on.

My type of moderation is what the majority of people like. It is not what the do gooders and mamby pamby like.

It is not drinking most of the time and then when you have a chance, to really give her.

I know they will say that this type of drinking is harmful binge drinking. It hurts you. It wrecks your health. I have heard all this countless times.

But is it true? I think not.

It could be true if you get drunk and drive your car into a tree or into an oncoming car. That would wreck your health.

It could be true if you get drunk during the work week, showing up to work reeking of booze and get fired.

It could be true if you get arrested.

But if you just drink for the pure fun it provides, I think not.

My Productive Unemployment

Here is what I did during my productive unemployment instead of drinking:

1. Went for 32 walks.

2. Lifted weights 3 times.

3. Applied for and received a passport.

4. I bought a digital camera and a memory card.

5. I made arrangements with my gas and electric provider to pay off the old bill from the house my ex-wife lived in.

6. I am using a weight loss program called Zero Resistance Weight Release.

7. I listened to NLP CD.

8. I listened to and worked on an audio program called The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

9. I received a new credit card.

10. I created and emailed out 7 ezines.

11. I did a lot of blogging on organized way.

12. I did a lot of blogging on personal development for men.

13. I did a lot of writing.

14. I applied for and received unemployment payments.

15. I did a lot of hip flexibility work.

16. I went to court to finalize my divorce.

17. I went out to dinner with friends.

18. I visited with my parents a lot.

19. I saw my brother.

20. I saw my sister.

21. I joined

22. I went to 2 of my son's power lifting meets.

23. I went to all my daughter's events.

24. I visited with all my ex-in-laws at one of the power lifting meets.

25. I spent a lot of time at coffee shops writing.

26. I made the most money I have ever made on the internet during one of the months.

27. I kept up on my bills even paying in advance as much as possible.

28. I applied for civil engineering jobs.

29. I kept my spending under control.

30. I went to an Art Museum.

31. I went out for coffee in the fanciest hotel in the big city I live near.

32.I went out for lunch in the big city.

33. I went out for lunch in many different places.

34. I did a lot of reading.

35. I watched 24 movies.

36. I did not watch tv except for kind of watching what my kids wanted to watch on Netflix.

37. I did a lot of thinking of my life and what I want to do and do not want to do during my productive unemployment.

38. I even did research and planning to determine where I want to travel to in the near future.

So you see you can take advantage of the time you have or not.

The best thing I did while during my productive unemployment was learn that I really liked not going to a normal job. I loved to do my own thing and get what I wanted done. I did not miss going to work at all and found I had so much to do that I even ran out of time without having a 40 hour a week job. This confirmed that my desire to be my own boss was right.

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