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Bodybuilding is for every man. It is not just an obscure sport for younger men vainly trying to build huge muscles. Lifting weights is the easiest way to maintain your body in a shape that is better looking and healthier. More importantly, it makes you stronger and able to handle life better.

Men with bigger muscles just look better then men without muscles. Just look around, the men that women love the most have more muscles. Maybe not the huge, ripped muscles that genetically gifted and steroid created competitive bodybuilders have, but some muscle.

As most men age they really start to look bad. Your health and wellness falls apart. You are no longer fit and healthy. You look bad and feel worse. If you do not have a baseline of muscle as you age, you will suffer incredibly.

If you do not keep lifting as you age, you will continue to get weaker until you can barely move yourself.

Your back gets all hunched over. Your head starts to lead you and you look like a turtle. Your shoulders droop. You gut sags. Your butt is flat. Your legs are thin. Your chest droops. You are a sad sight.

One of my college roommates said his father always said in a joking way - I used to have the body of a Greek god. Now I'm just a goddam greek. I knew his father and his humor, but I also could see that he probably was a powerful man when he was young and missed those days.

The easiest way to look good is to build and keep your muscles. You just will not look like a man without bigger muscles. You need to do enough bodybuilding that you can wear a t-shirt and shorts and not look ridiculous. That is really why the suit was invented, it makes a man look muscular when he is not. A suit has the padded shoulders to give a man the V-shaped looked and your body is entirely covered up.

Most men now do not wear suits. They are so uncomfortable and hot. It is good that wearing suits is no longer mandatory. It is just that without the suits, you see how bad most men look and how far they have let themselves go.

It does not have to be that way. You can still look good in spite of your age. It is really not all about looking good either. You need to lift to feel good, be healthy and increase your low testosterone. You do not want to be an old man who cannot do much because you are too weak. That is no way to age. You want to be a muscular, powerful man who can do what he wants his entire life. Lifting weights and doing other things to increase your testosterone is the key your quality of life now and as you age.

Bodybuilding and effective weight management is the key to this better way of living.

Some men seem to have created a decent amount of muscle by physical work or certain sports.

The problem with this method is that physical work is too difficult and not lucrative enough to do your entire life. Physical work is better as a part time hobby. The men who do physical work their entire life, that look good and stay healthy are few and far between.

What usually happens if you do too much physical work is you get injured in some way or you get so good at the work that you do not really stay in shape from doing it. You become an expert at it without needing to be in great shape to do it. A younger inexperienced man will do the same work and get in great shape. You will do it and not get in great shape. The difference is that you will develop ways to do it that are easier on you. You have to, there is no way to do that hard, physically taxing work your entire life.

Playing sports can be great fun. It can also be a way to get seriously injured and take up enormous amounts of time.

If you just look at the evidence you will see that the worst, most debilitating injuries sustained by men have occurred with playing sports. What should be a fun way to maintain your fitness becomes a means to serious injuries that affect you for the rest of your life.

The major problem with sports for men is the amount of time it takes to play them. How can you have any type of life at all if the sport you play takes up 2 or 3 hours a day nearly every day? You cannot.

When you are in a sport you do not have control. You will have to do what needs to be done and often what needs to be done is train when you are exhausted, take dangerous risks and force yourself to go to the limits of your abilities.

All this is good for determining your ability to push yourself. It is not good for you if you get injured for life.

Bodybuilding for fitness is a training method that you can control the duration and intensity of. You can go as hard or as easy as you need. You do not need a coach pushing you. You can either push yourself or not. After lifting for awhile you will know your body and what you can do and when you can go harder or take time off.

The biggest problem with conventional bodybuilding is that it can take a long time. There is the time lifting. There is the time going to and returning from the gym. There is the time dressing, undressing and getting ready. There is the time doing the extra laundry of sweaty clothes. There is the extra time you need to sleep because you are more tired. There is the extra time you need to do things because you are more sore. There is also more time involved because of all the injuries you incur over the years.

But it does not have to take a lot of time. As you get involved with life there will be a lot of things to do. To do those things you will need a lot of time.

I was really happy to discover the least time consuming method of bodybuilding. The method is called Static Contraction Training developed by Pete Sisco Right now I lift 2 times a month. That is a month, not a week. This lifting is working extremely heavy weights in your strongest range of motion. You are lifting safely also in spite of the enormous weights.

Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout!

I believe that the reason more men do not do bodybuilding is the time commitment. Most men, especially as they get older, have lots of responsibilities. They cannot commit to the conventional training methods. They do not have an hour 3 or 4 times a week to train. That is why the Static Contraction Method is so great. It only takes a few hours a month.

I am 46 years old and my muscles have never been bigger and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life. I grew up on a farm and did a lot of hard, heavy farm work. I played lineman in high school football. I lifted weights in the conventional bodybuilding manner for 10 years after high school. I pushed myself to my limits, working out 3, 4,5 and sometimes 6 days a week. I worked out intensely and suffered devastating injuries in my desire to develop huge muscles.

I did look fairly good with larger muscles but I did not feel that good. I was working out too much for my recovery abilities. All this working out took a lot of time I could have been using to further my career or social life. I know I could have done better in my career and had more fun if I would have lifted less often.

Looking back I wish I would have used the Static Contraction Training for bodybuilding much earlier.

There are many methods of weight training. If you do not know much about weight training you really need to learn about it first. Here is a very detailed and informative website that provides all kinds of great information on weight training, bodybuilding, diet and supplements -

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