Easy Low Testosterone Cures

There is nothing as bad for a man as having low testosterone. This situation makes your whole life worse. You will not feel like having sex, you will get flabbier and weaker. You will be more tired to the point of laziness. Your whole life is affected. There is not one aspect of your life that is not affected.

The mass media will have you believe that testosterone is what gives men the heart attacks and end of life problems. That just seems like a stupid way to look at it. Why do young men filled with testosterone look good, get so much done and enjoy their lives and old men lacking testosterone suffer?

The research that makes more sense indicates that it is the lack of testosterone that is the problem. The reason that men lose their health and zest for living as they age is that their testosterone decreases over time.

This just makes more sense. Why do men look so good when they are younger? Why do men have so much more muscle when they are younger? Why are men so much healthier when they are younger?

Could it be higher testosterone?

The companies that sell testosterone type drugs and penis pills will have you believe that the answer is some type of drug.

The answer to anything in life is not a drug. Drugs are supposed to be either something you do for some fun or a temporary substance you take to help you get over an illness. They are not supposed to be something you take forever.

I am not a doctor so I cannot give medical advice. If you are on some medication, talk to your doctor. This advice is for men who are not feeling right and are not sure why.

I have found that my lifestyle caused me to have low testosterone. The things I did and did not do actually made me less of a man.

But the cure is available. You can do these things yourself. Most are free. Some cost a little.

Once you start taking steps to increase your low testosterone you will start looking into other things you can do. The key is to start doing something. It is your life and you are worth it.

Easy First Steps to Increase Low Testosterone

1. Sleep more. Chronic sleep deprivation will age you faster than anything else. You can do everything else right, but if you are not sleeping enough it will not help that much. You absolutely must sleep and sleep and sleep some more if you have low testosterone. I found myself very sleep deprived when I was married. I had a job that started every day at 7:00 a.m. My wife was always up to at least midnight. She made it very difficult for me to go to bed at 9;00 p.m. This is when I should have been going to bed to have enough sleep. I would get more rest on Friday and Saturday night by sleeping in, but that was it. I lived for years like this. I never really felt good. I used plenty of caffeine, lots of junk food and massive will power in order to get up and stay alert during the day. But this lack of sleep really hurt me. I spent the first 3 months after leaving her sleeping as much as I could. You may need to spend weeks or months catching up to the point where you actually feel good.

2. Get more sun. I cannot understand why we get bamboozled into thinking the sun is harmful. Anything is harmful if overdone. Baking in the sun for hours with pale skin is not wise. Sitting in the sun for 30 minutes will really make you feel good. You need the sun to feel good again. I like to combine a short nap while in the sun to really increase my testosterone. This combination will really make you feel good.

3. Eat more meat and better quality meat. Your testosterone will drop like a rock if you are a vegetarian. I am sorry, but you just cannot say that this is a healthy lifestyle. I do feel sorry for the animals, but that is the circle of life. I was a farmer as a teenager so I know firsthand that the animals are nice. The way I look at it was I will care for these animals I well as I can. I will treat them well and make their lives nice while they are living. This is what I believe most farmers do.

4. Start weight training. My favorite workout routine has been developed by Pete Sisco and is called Static Contraction Training. This method is effective, intense, safe and very short. I sometimes only lift two times per month. I just do not have the time or desire to lift multiple times per week. But I do have the desire to be very strong, healthy and look good with larger muscles. That is why I use the Static Contraction workout method.

5. Relax more and find ways to relax. Napping and being in the sun help but that is just a start. Some men seem to have the weight of the world on their shoulders all the time. This is unhealthy of course. I know I have spent way too much time worrying about things beyond my control. The more I actively think of only what I can control, the more relaxed I become. This is not easy, I know. The old style relaxation methods are being stripped from us. A man used to be able to have some drinks and smoke. Now those relaxation methods are frowned upon. You will be chastised for smoking and guilted into not drinking. Plus smoking and drinking are so expensive now. It is not just a few dollars that you can easily spare. I have a feeling that the enormous pressure on men to not have these simple relaxation techniques are meant to make our lives more difficult and stressful.

You can see that a huge part of the problem with my low testosterone was my wife. Sadly, this is the case for far too many men. Women read and watch more of the garbage type information that says that we should be eating less meat, never spend time in the sun, never drink and that a man does not need that much sleep. My wife would constantly give me a hard time because I was napping in the evening. I was napping because I was exhausted. To her, that was a sign of weakness and laziness. To me, I was napping because I was exhausted.

I was so tired all the time, I did not really want to have sex.

You need to not be exhausted in order to do anything. Getting more sleep is the key to start feeling good again. If your wife does not think this way, if she insists that you do not need more sleep, then she really does not care about your health. You may need to leave her if she will make getting enough sleep difficult for you. This was not the main reason I left my wife, but this did not help.

All these simple cures should just be the basics of a healthy lifestyle for men. I am not saying anything earth shattering here. But if you just look around you will see way too many men who are suffering from not doing these simple steps.

These are the men falling asleep whenever they sit down.

These are the men who are white and pale.

These are the men who are flabby, weak and fat.

These are the men without big muscles or even any muscle tone at all.

These are the men whose lives are not their own. Their lives are not their own because they believe the lies that say they do not need much sleep, that the sun is harmful, that they should not eat much meat and having a few drinks to relax means they are an alcoholic.

Take back your life, increase your low testosterone and start living again with these simple steps.

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