Do Mens Clothes
Really Make A Difference?

You know the answer is yes. Mens clothes not only affects how you look but how you feel. Your clothes need to be comfortable, functional, look good and be suitable for whatever it is you are doing.

I used to think that this did not matter. That people who worried about clothes were vain and did not know what mattered.

I was wrong.

We want to believe that your clothes and how you look do not matter, but that is not the reality. Clothes and how you look matter.

I think the easiest way to think about why mens clothes matter is when you see a man who is really clueless about dressing. Not just mismatched socks, but the whole look.

You see a guy like that and think that he must really either be stupid, a nerd or just so socially awkward as to not even know the basics of how to build a wardrobe for men that looks good and function well.

Then contrast that to a well dressed man and you see the massive difference. The well dressed man cares how he looks and thinks highly of himself. The poorly dressed man does not think highly of himself. That is the difference. That is why women like well dressed men and well dressed men do better in life. It shows you think highly of yourself.

It does not matter if you are overweight either. There are nice fat man clothes that will make you look good if you make the effort to find them.

You may think you are too old or too poor to do anything about your situation. You may think there are no fat man fashions or clothes that will look good on you. But all is not lost. The way to make any type of improvement is to start small.

I have listed the first easy steps to take:

Tips on Mens Cloths

1. Avoid wearing black shirts. Too many people, men and women, wear black shirts and for the most part they do not look good doing it. The only ones who look good in black shirts are extremely good looking. I just do not think it is worth the risk. Men always look good in white shirts. Long sleeve button down shirts will always be in style. White t-shirts, if they fit perfectly will always be in style also.

2. Avoid wearing too tight of pants. Again, these tight pants look fine on very fit men, but look terrible if your body is not perfect. Your pants should fit right or tend to a little loose. You need your pants to be loose in the crotch so that your testicles and penis are not squeezed. This happens to way too many men. I know it happened to me. I always squeezed into the smallest pants I could in the vain hope that a smaller size pants would make me look better. What really happened is that the tight pants put too much pressure on my private parts. These parts do not have any bones to hold them up like your massive leg bones, so they get squeezed down to a smaller size. If you are a bigger man with large legs, butt and stomach you will understand exactly what I mean. It is far better to wear the next size up in pants and wear a belt.

3. Buy good shoes and buy them more often as soon as they start to look a little worn or start to hurt your feet. When your feet hurt, that is a bad sign. You do not want to follow the advice of one of my old roommates in college. He said he wears his tennis shoes until he walks out of them. His shoes were hideous and smelly. He did not do that well with the girls either. I know you will object to the cost of all this buying of shoes. You have to decide that your feet, your health, your looks and how you feel about yourself is worth the cost.

4. Wear mens shoes. Some of the shoes men wear look more like women's shoes. I mean the real pointy toes, the thin soled sandals and anything that is goofy. Women are the ones who wear the crazy looking shoes trying to look sexy. Men just need to wear good looking men type shoes. I mean classic all white tennis shoes for casual use. Good looking, mostly white tennis shoes to work out in, black and brown ankle high, good looking boots for going out and dressy shoes suitable for your work. It is nice to have good looking sandals for summer. These sandals should cover most of your feet.

5. If you are older, it is better to avoid wearing t-shirts. The older you are the bigger your head and the smaller your neck will be. That is why older men look so bad in t-shirts. You need to make an effort to work your neck muscles to keep your neck thick. You also need to keep your hair cut tight on the sides to not draw attention to your larger head. T-shirts with a v-neck are a lot better for older men. Not a huge v, just small. These type of shirts look good and are comfortable.

6. Do not wear the golf shirt style of shirt unless you are golfing. This type of shirt is seen everywhere and it never looks good unless you are young and extremely good looking.

7. A better style of casual shirt are the mens clothes that button all the way in the front.

8. You will need to have long shirts if you need to tuck them in. You will need to have shorter shirts if you leave them out. You cannot get by with shirts for both. The shirts that are long enough to tuck in are too long to wear out. The shirts that are short enough to wear un-tucked will not tuck in properly.

9. An un-tucked shirt should sit in the region from a little below your belt line to halfway down your ass. Any higher and your back will show. Any lower and it is too long.

10. These untucked shirts are actually designed to be tapered to your shape. That is why the most in-shape celebrities and models look so good in these shirts.

11. You need to know the best work clothes for men to work in. You cannot get by with regular mens clothes when doing physical work.

12. Wear more colorful shirts. Again, avoid black shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters. Black is really only good for pants, suits, vests, belts, shoes and socks, rarely shirts. White shirts are the best for mens clothes and blue is second best. I tend to wear blue as much as possible because I am always worried about spills, but also because blue is so flattering. Tans, browns, yellows, gold, some greens, reds are also good. Spend time looking for colors that look good on you. Once you have determined your best color or colors you just look for that when you shop.

13. Always make sure the clothes feel good along with look good. There is nothing as uncomfortable as wearing new clothes that may look good but feel terrible. When you feel terrible, you will look bad in spite of the clothes. Mens clothes need to be very comfortable for whatever you are planning on doing.

14. Spend enough time thinking and shopping for the best coats for men to make sure you have made good choices. They type of coat you wear is extremely important. Coats affect how you look and how you feel. Here is my favorite coat of all time -

You also can look at the opposite of the best coats, you can look at what the worst coats for men are so you do not make a bad choice when shopping and you will know which coats you need to throw out.

15. Choose your summer clothes with care. With the heat and sweating you have to be even more careful in your choices to avoid getting too hot and looking terrible.

16. Wear good looking, well fitting mens clothes for everything you do. This includes any outdoor activity you do. Look at great camouflage and outdoor clothing from VPCAM. You need to make your comfort and your goals, including fun and work, your priority.

You also need to do enough exercise and be fit enough that you look good in mens clothes besides wearing suits. Suits cover a lot of problems, that is why they were invented. They make men look like men even if they don't. It is far better to look like a man in whatever type of mens clothes you wear.

You need to make looking good a priority. You can learn more easily at

Brads Fashion Bible

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