What are the
Worst Coats for Men?

Why do you care what the worst coats for men are? People notice and especially women notice. You will feel better about yourself if you look better. If you want to attract women, or at least not look terrible, this type of information is important.

It is easy to write an article like this. I was just sitting at a coffee shop for a few hours and observed how bad some men looked.

Here is what I saw -

1) Big puffy vests. I kind of like vests as long as they are slimming. The big, down-filled, puffy vests do not look good even on the most in-shape men. Unless, you really need it for the extreme cold, avoid a puffy vest.

2) Coats with hoods. You always look bad with a hooded coat. It is just a big puffy thing that makes you look like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Again, unless you are actually working outside in conditions that require you to wear a hood, avoid this look. What is probably the best way of looking sharp with a hood, is to wear a hooded sweatshirt under your coat. Then you can take the sweatshirt off.

3) Big puffy coats of any kind. I know the down is warm, but how often are you really in the cold? If you are working outside in the cold you are better off with layers. If you have a job in the arctic, then this would not apply to you.

4) Coats that are too short for your body. The kind where if you bend over a little, you back shows. A coat should be at least a few inches below your belt line.

5) Coats that are too long. I still have to laugh at the deputies in Pale Rider. They all wore those ridiculous long coats. No wonder Clint Eastwood could so easily kill them all. They could hardly move with those stupid long coats.

Westport Big & Tall: Look Your Best

6) Sweatshirts. Unless you are a teenager and you spend a lot of money on a cool sweatshirt, you will not look with this type of a coat. Once you are a little over 20 years old you will have to only use a sweatshirt for exercise and underneath other coats as a layer.

7) Coat with garish colors or stupid sayings. This would include any sports team. If you have a sports team it is nice to wear their colors to when you go to the games or are somehow involved with them. But during normal times, you need to wear a regular coat. Buying your favorite teams coat is an extravant purchase. You would only buy this type of coat after you already have some proper coats.

8) Wearing the wrong coat for the occasion or what you are doing. Good coats are expensive so it is tempting to get by with as few as you can. You have to budget for having multiple coats for multiple purposes throughout the year. This is one more reason that it is far more expensive to live in a cold weather climate. This explains why men in cold weather climates are more often poor dressers. They just cannot afford to buy proper clothing.

9) A coat that is too tight. This is especially bad for fat men. But everyone looks bad in tight clothes except hot, slender women with big breasts. They look good in tight clothes. If you have any sort of a gut, you will not look good in a tight coat. Work on your weight, but stick with coats that tend a little big, rather than a little small.

You just cannot go wrong with a leather coat like this one -

Start spending your money on you and get a great looking coat. At least do not wear the worst coats for men.

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