Fat Man Fashion Tips

No one seems to have any fat man fashion tips that actually look good. I hate to see all the stupid clothes that super skinny men wear on fat men. It makes no sense.

I think the styles that skinny men look ridiculous on them too. So seeing those types of clothes on a larger man are just terrible.

Most of the time when you see advice on fashion for bigger men the first thing they will say is to lose weight. To me, that is just beyond stupid. It is obvious that fatter people could stand to lose weight.

But what any man wants to do is to look good right now. Now. year from now. Now. Not after losing weight. Now. Not after going on The Biggest Loser. Now. Not after hiring a personal trainer. Now. Not after joining a gym. Now. Not after changing your diet. Now. We do not have a future, only now. You do not know how long you have. The sun is setting. You may not have a year. You may only have now. Use now.

It is great to work on losing weight, getting fit and being more healthy. That is something you can work on now that will benefit you a little now, a lot later and for the rest of your life.

But the best way to approach life is to be happy now. Looking good now needs to be a part of that. Here are some of the best tips you can use to look good now while you are working on weight loss.

Fat Man Fashion Tips

1) Do not wear black shirts. You see black shirts everywhere and on everyone. To me, black shirts do not look good on even really fit men. Maybe black t-shirts with cool designs and sayings on them look good on in-shape younger men. But that is not the type of man I am writing to and it is not the type of man you are. You are probably not that young or probably not that fit. You will look better and better the more you avoid black shirts. Black boots are great. Black shoes are great. Black belts, black pants, black socks and black jackets are all great. Just not shirts.

2) Avoid wearing grey shirts. Grey t-shirts and grey sweatshirts are even more common than black because it is a holdover from the old days where there was only white and grey shirts. But in order to look good for fat man fashion you have to put the past behind you and not look old and out of place. I must confess that I do wear grey t-shirts when I am doing physical work. That is a gray area (get it). The grey shirts I have currently are the most comfortable and durable shirts I own for doing physical work. I am not that concerned about being seen when I am working. I am more concerned about how I feel at that time. But when I am trying to look good, which is all times when I am not working physically, I do not wear grey. I try to wear the most flattering colors I have like blues, lighter reds and yellows.

More Fat Man Fashion Tips

3) Do not wear tight underwear. Wear loose fitting boxers. You never know when your pants will come off and you need to look good in your underwear. You will not look good in tight white underwear. Not even the most in-shape male models look good in tight white underwear. As good as women look in skimpy underwear, that is how bad men look. Even in-shape men look more girly. The biggest problem no one talks about with tight underwear is the effect on your genitals. The effect is not good. I believe it is really harmful. The penis and scrotum are just basically bags of blood. If your underwear is tight, it puts tremendous pressure on these bags. It effectively forces the blood from your penis and scrotum back into your body. This will cause your penis and scrotum to be smaller. And that is not a good thing. This not even effects how you look in your clothes but how high your sex drive is.

4) Do not wear tight pants. Besides looking ridiculous, tight pants cause the same problem as tight underwear with your genitals. The fatter you are the more this will hurt you. It is better to buy a larger size pants and wear a belt. You have to find pants that are more roomy in the seat, upper thighs and especially in the front by the zipper. Pants like this are hard to find. It seems like most pants manufacturers are trying to eliminate our manhood. It is almost like a conspiracy. Do you know the real reason that the ghetto black guys wear the really loose pants? It is so their genitals have more room. Your pants should really be more roomy. Since they tend to shrink after you wash and dry them, it is better to buy them a little bigger and wear a belt. I know it is hard to buy a larger size because you are admitting to yourself that you are even larger than you thought.

Some More Fat Man Fashion Tips

5) Wear shoes with heels. A lot of casual shoes do not have heels. These shoes are more like tennis shoes with the flat bottoms. These shoes do not look that good. They do feel good. I know I have worn shoes like this for decades in my work as a civil engineer. They are comfortable and feel good on my feet. But they just are not very attractive. I believe they are worn a lot by men because they are priced right and are leather on top. Comfortable shoes with heels cost a lot more. That is the problem with shoes, they cost a lot. It is just that the heels are what make shoes look good.

6) Wear your pants below your gut not over the top of it. Your belt should be below your belly not running over the top of it like they did in the old days. Your belt line should be at the point just above your ass. Think of it as your belt separates the moving part of your lower body from your upper body. That is why fatter men that wear there belt too high look so foolish. Yes, you should make an effort to lose some of that gut. But in the meanwhile, wear your belt at the proper location. By the way, for the thin men reading this, this location applies to you also. Thin men look stupid wearing their pants too high also.

Fat Man Fashion Tips

7) If you need to wear a tie, you have to buy the extra long ones. The bottom of the tie needs to sit at the middle of your belt. The tie needs to be all the way past your belly, not sitting part way down.

8) The worst look is when your shirts are really tight and stretched out over your gut. Some men go with way too tight of a shirt. This is not a good look at all, in fact it is really just a comical look.

9) Get a really good looking leather coat. I actually have two. One is a little shorter and lighter. The other is longer and warmer and I can wear it most of the winter. Both are black. Some day I want to get a brown leather, lighter jacket. Kind of an Indiana Jones look. Here is a leather jacket similar to my main winter coat -

Fat Man Fashion Tips

10) Do not wear too loose of a shirt. Too loose is better than too tight, but it is not right either. You can tell if your shirt is too loose if there is a lot of material billowing out.

11) Wear more of the small v-neck type shirts. A big v-neck is not good, just a small v-neck. I know that a lot of this advice will be hard to handle. Finding proper fitting clothes for fatter men is very difficult. That is why the normal advice to get thinner is so common. The people giving the advice see that finding good looking clothes for fat men is very difficult. Even when you find stuff that looks good you are shocked with the high cost. So it is a cycle. You go shopping and see the high prices. You do not buy the good clothes because of the cost. You rationalize this to yourself saying, well I will lose weight and next year I will buy some new clothes. Those clothes will be less expensive because I will be smaller.

But what really happens?

Next year comes and you are not that much smaller. I say to reverse the process. Looking good is just as important to you now as for anyone else and even your future self. Fat man fashion is just as important to you as anyone else.

Buy the good clothes now. Work on your fat man fashion now. Worry about next year, next year. Look good now. If you get smaller next year, buy new clothes next year. You need to stop being so future oriented and think what can I do right now to feel good right now.

The best way to deal with the high cost of good looking clothes for fat man fashion is to not buy so many clothes. Just buy a few and do your laundry more often. This method is far simpler anyway. Having a lot of clothes just does not make any sense for anyone and especially fat men.

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