What are the Best
Summer Clothes for Men?

Summer is here and it is hot. You need to know the best summer clothes for men.

Summer can be a glorious time of fun, excitement, adventure, girl watching, meeting new girls and romance. Or it can be a hot, sweaty, sweltering time of the year where you look bad and feel worse.

You have to choose your summer clothes with care. They have to feel right and look right to deal with heat and humidity.

You want to look cool even when it is hot. Looking like a hot, sweaty beast is never a good look.

Let's start by examining what not to wear:

1) Long jean shorts. Jean shorts are a holdover from the old days where men just cut off their jeans to try to get a little cooler. Why anyone would buy hot, sweat causing jean shorts when there are cool, light cotton shorts so readily available and so inexpensive is beyond me. Throw out your jean shorts and stick with lightweight khaki shorts.

2) Long sleeve shirts. Come on man. How can you possibly be cool in the summer with a long sleeve shirt? I know that the fashion police will force you to wear long sleeves with your tie and suit. But wearing a long sleeve shirt anytime you are forced to is ridiculous. If you are working out your arms you will want them to be seen. You want to get more sun on your arms.

3) Black shirts. I hate black shirts on men and women. They are everywhere and always look bad. Black is really bad in summer because it absorbs the heat and makes you hotter. Black t-shirts may look ok on young men who have big muscles, but on the majority of men, they look terrible.

4) Heavyweight t-shirts. This has to be one of the worst ideas ever. You are trying to stay cool and someone creates a heavy, bulky t-shirt that is even hotter than a long sleeve shirt. Always buy the lightest weight cotton t-shirt you can find.

5) Really long shorts that go over your knees. These are just too hot and look bad too. These kind of pants are for women who have ugly knees not men.

6) Thin soled flip-flops. I hate flip-flops. If you have good looking feet they may be ok. Most men don't. These may be ok around the water, but at least get some with thick soles that are bigger than your feet.

7) Sandals that show too much of your feet. Most men have bad looking feet. I know you need to wear sandals to look good in summer and stay cool. The best type of sandals cover most of your toes at least.

8) Thin, light colored cotton shorts. This type of short is no good because when you sweat it will really show especially in the back. This can be quite a disgusting look. You need to wear darker colored cotton shorts.

Just do the opposite of this list and you have the best summer clothes for men.

You can see you just need light weight, light colored shirts, good looking sandals with most of your feet covered, khaki type shorts that show your knees and dark colored cotton athletic shorts if you are doing something active.

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