Fat Man Clothes

You can choose your fat man clothes with care and look better. Shouldn't an overweight man just wear whatever and stay home?

No, of course not. You deserve to go about your life how you want. Every person on the planet deserves a great life. Nothing should stand in the way of you having what you want.

Yes, work on losing weight. Your overall health and outlook on life will improve as you lose weight. But you have to live right now, you cannot wait until you lose weight to live. You have to have some sort of a good life today.

I know you use excess food to make it through today, to survive, to cope. That is what I do.

But you do not have to continue down that sad path. You can start to improve your life moment to moment, and day to day.

The first step is to find and wear fat man clothes that you look your best in.

You have to face the facts that presently you do not look like a fashion model. You look like a fat man. But you do not have to continue to look this way.

You can start throwing away the types of clothes that fat man wear that look so bad so you have room for the good clothes that you will start to obtain.

Here are the worst of the fat men clothes:

1. Big, billowy t-shirts. Yes, your t-shirts should not be tight. But way too loose is not good. Loose is better than tight when you are fat. But a better ideal is just lightly grazing your body.

2. T-shirts in ugly colors such as black and grey. These colors are not flattering. They are a holdover from the old days when there were not so many colors available.

3. Sweat pants. Sweat pants really only look good when you are working out or relaxing around the house. It is so difficult for a man to look good in sweat pants unless you are young and fit.

4. Tight jeans. Jeans just are just made too tight for most fat men. The problem is that they are especially tight across your private parts and they squeeze down your penis and testicles. This does not help you look good and it feels bad. Plus I think it reduces your testosterone production which further makes losing weight more difficult.

5. Ugly shoes. The ugliest shoes are garish running type shoes, crocs and any really smallish type shoes.

6. Coats with hoods.

7. Too tight golf shirts.

8. Too big of sweatshirt in ugly grey.

9. Too tight of clothing of any kind.

10. Tight underwear.

11. Sweaters. It is very hard for a fat man to look good in a sweater.

12. Pullovers except for lounging around the house.

13. Wearing white socks except for exercising or lounging or with casual tennis shoes when you are wearing shorts. You have to wear dark socks that match your pants.

If you just stop wearing these types of clothes your looks will improve immediately.

The next step is to actively look for and buy the types of fat man clothes that will make you look good:

1. T-shirts with 2 or 3 buttons at the neck. These are like a golf shirt but do not have the collar. This type of t-shirt may be the most flattering of all the fat man clothes.

2. T-shirts with a small v-neck in flattering colors. The best colors are shades of blue, nicer reds, shades of mild green and some yellows. These shirts should be a soft, not garish color and should not have much writing and designs on them.

3. White all cotton t-shirts with the normal collar. These are the shirts you wear under button down shirts.

4. Button down long and short sleeve shirts that have a long tail that you tuck in. Most places I have worked seem to insist that you wear your shirt tucked in. So when you are at work you need long tails. Blues are the best colors. Browns and flattering greens work well. You will probably need an all white shirt or 2 also for weddings, funerals and job interviews.

5. Button down long and short sleeve shirts that have a shorter tail that you leave un-tucked. This type of shirt will be your main looking good shirts in addition to your t-shirts. These are the shirts you wear outside of work when you are out and about. When you go to the store. When you go out to eat. When you go out for drinks. When you go to parties. When you go out on a date. This un-tucked look is the best for men, because all men look good this way.

6. Fleece type sweat shirts with zippers or at least partial zippers that fit well for cool weather.

7. All white casual tennis shoes. Avoid colors on your tennis shoes. These types of shoes will not have the big soles.

8. Casual leather boots in brown and black.

9. All leather sandals for summer that have material that completely cover your toes.

10. Loose all-cotton, khaki type shorts for summer. You may want a cargo type for doing things. These shorts need to come to just above your knee. Any higher and you look bad. Any lower than your knees and you really look bad.

11. Looser, all cotton khaki type pants. Not cargo pants. These are too hot and make you look bulky.

12. Leather jackets. You cannot go wrong with a jacket like the one below:

Buying these fat man clothes will be expensive. You will need to do this over time. I shop at Goodwill and rummage sales. I just quickly go through stores from time to time. You are large so you will not find the good things that fit properly that often. You just have to persist and not give up.

I just buy a few items and wear the best things I have and do my laundry often. You may lose weight and need to buy smaller clothes in the future anyway, so it is not wise to have that many clothes. Buying clothes that make you look good is part of your personal development. You need to make looking and feeling good a priority in your life. You are not here only to serve others. You are here because you matter. Since you matter it is only right that you buy good things for yourself including fat man clothes that make you look good.

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