What are the
Best Coats for Men?

The best coats for men are the ones that function extremely well, look good and that you will actually wear.

It seems that people really don't like to wear coats. They are always trying to find a way to take it off, leave it at home or in the car and will even try to avoid wearing it in extremely cold weather.

I dropped off my son at one of his friends house one winter day. He had his small TV and X-Box player. It was about 10 degrees and he did not have his coat on.

Can you see the problem?

When it is winter and it is cold, the best thing to do is wear a coat. When I dropped him off he wanted to leave his coat in the car. I insisted that he put it on and wear it in. What if there is a problem, what if there is a fire, what if the guys want to go outside for a few minutes, what it, what if?

To me it is just smarter to have your coat on in the winter.

With that thought in mind you need to pick out your coat or coats in the correct manner. It is better to have a selection of coats depending on what you are doing and the weather. There is no way to have one general purpose coat, I'm sorry you will have to spend the bucks to be organized with the weather. There is nothing you or I can do about the weather.

Best Coats for Men

Here are the best coats for men:

1) Long, black, lined leather coat. This is the main coat I wear all winter. It is warm and good looking. I wear it to work and for whenever I want to look good. It works good for dress and casual. It has inside pockets for stuff I want to have on me like gum and mints. It has big outside pockets for my hands, gloves and a hat. The nice thing about leather coats is that you can wear them inside and not be that warm. I can wear this coat in a crowded bar and not be that hot. I have even danced with it on.

2) Short, black, unlined leather coat. This is the main coat I wear in the spring and fall. I wear this coat to work and when I want to look good. This has the inside and outside pockets also.

3) Mid-length winter coat. This is a very warm, waterproof winter coat. It is the Columbia brand. This is the coat I wear when it is very cold or snowing. It is the coat I take with me on a longer winter drive in case I need it. It is the coat I wear for general winter time wear. This type of coat looks ok but it is kind of frumpy for going out in. I don't like to wear it if I am trying to look good. I do like to wear it if I am trying to stay warm.

4) Lined work coat. This is the coat I wear to work outside in the winter. I use it to do snow blowing or snow shoveling or surveying or anything really physical. It is warm but good for moving around in. Most men need this type of coat if you are doing any type of hard work. You do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a great looking leather jacket only to tear it or stain it while you are working.

5) Fleece jacket. This is good coat for cool days. It is warm but not hot. These coats are really functional a look fairly good. If you are trying to look really good, leather is a better choice.

6) Rain coat. This type of coat is extremely important in some parts of the world, especially if you have to do a lot of walking in the rain. Where I live it is not as critical because it does not rain all the time and it is more of a driving area. You do not need to walk that much or that far in the rain.

7) Windbreaker. A windbreaker is nice for taking a walk on a cool day. You will get warm after some walking and you do not want to be wearing a heavy coat.

You need to examine your life and how you want to live it and look. It is better to think hard about the type of coats you need, write out your list and go shopping. Finding the best coats for men will take plenty of time and plenty of money but once you get your coats in place you should not have to buy them again for years.

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