Best Work Clothes
For Physical Work

You really need to know the best work clothes for doing physical work. This type of work is so much more difficult than working at a desk, a computer, in retail or food service.

The types of work range from all types of construction, farming, landscaping, surveying, logging and even working in your yard.

This type of work is so physically demanding that you need to have the proper clothes so you can do it well or at least survive.

I am a civil engineer but from time to time have to go out in the field and do surveying work. I do not look forward to this work because it is so hard and takes so much out of me. In fact I just did it today in over 90 degree heat and humidity. My chest hurts, my back aches and I am tired and sore.

What helps men who do this type of work is to have the proper clothes to make the demanding work a little more tolerable.

The best thing to wear when you are doing this type of work is the type of clothing that men wear when they are working.

What I mean is that the type of clothing that men wear while they work is because those types of clothes are comfortable and function well. Plus these types of clothes are really durable or inexpensive enough that you will not be upset when they get ripped, torn or stained.

Normal clothes will get ruined quickly when you do physical work in them.

Here is the basic list of the best work clothes:

1) Leather Work Boots. I like to have all leather, ankle high work boots. Really good work boots are the most important of the best work clothes because you just will not be able to work that well if your feet are sore and you do not feel like moving around.

2) Leather gloves or at least a few pairs of heavy canvas gloves.

3) Heavy pants or jeans. Carhart are the best. These pants should not be tight. You need to be able to move freely.

4) Leather belt. Your pants will be looser than what you normally wear so they need a belt to be held in place. Sometimes you will really sweat so you should have a belt dedicated just for this type of work that you do not mind getting sweaty.

5) Colored cotton t-shirts. White t-shirts get so filthy right away. I like grey ones that are decent enough that you can look acceptable if you go into a restaurant for lunch or need to run to the store if I need something. Light weight t-shirts are best. The heavier ones are too hot. I am not kidding, some t-shirts are so heavy that they make working an unbearably hot chore when it does not have to be. You do not want to use the modern athletic material for working. These types of shirts are great for working out in, but will be ripped and torn and stained immediately upon working. Cotton is still the best. What I have found is that if I am going to be working for a long time is just to use multiple shirts. It is so easy, work for an hour or 2 until you are sweaty. When you take a break to drink some water or beverage, change into a new t-shirt. You will be instantly refreshed.

6) Long sleeve t-shirts. This shirts go over your short sleeve t-shirt in cold weather or to protect your arms.

7) Button down flannel or chamois shirts.

8) Hooded pullover or zippered fleece sweatshirt.

9) Durable light coat like denim or heavy cotton or heavy denim or cotton coat in cold weather.

10) Baseball hat.

11) Knee pads.

12) Durable shorts.

13) Cotton and wool socks.

14) Durable lined coat.

15) Eye protection.

16) Ear protection.

If you ever need to do this hard type of work or are buying a house with a yard then you will really need to buy all these clothes also. Otherwise you will end up ruining your other clothes. Plus you will work better wearing the best work clothes.

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