Wardrobe for Men
Or How to Get Better Looking

If you want to build a better wardrobe for men you need to start out by knowing what not to do.

I saw a guy in the Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store parking lot the other day and he was absolutely doing everything wrong. I actually went home and wrote this up because he was so unbelievable.

I'll describe him starting at the bottom and working my way up.

He was wearing leather slippers. The kind you wear when you are lounging around the house with no one around. They were probably comfortable. I know I have had that kind in the past and liked them. But I never wore them out in public. This type of footwear is strictly for home use.

He was wearing high water, extremely loose sweat pants. The normal rule for wearing sweat pants is that they are worn for exercise, for sleeping, for lounging and for when you are ill. You do not want ugly sweatpants in your wardrobe for men.

If you must break the wearing time rule, they must be very good looking sweat pants (i.e. expensive) and they must fit right. They need to be just grazing your legs so they do not billow out. And you must look good in them by being in shape. Obviously, they must not be too tight. They must be long enough to just cover the tops of your shoes so you can hardly see the part of your shoe laces that you tie together.

They should kind of look like the pants that modern baseball players wear. I still have to laugh at how stupid the old baseball uniforms were with the pants cut off at the knees. Some of the old time clothes men wore were so ugly.

He was wearing an ugly grey sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are in style for the younger crowd. But they only look good if they are good looking with a good looking logo and a good color. He was wearing the old style grey that is only suitable as a last resort. This type of sweatshirt needs to be completely eliminated from your wardrobe for men.

This sweatshirt would be fine if you are running out of a burning building but under every other scenario, it is just ugly as sin.

He was wearing a too tight black t-shirt under the sweatshirt. I cannot understand any man, except for handsome young men who are well-built, wearing black t-shirts.

He had a flabby pot belly. When you have a pot belly, you have to be extra careful to wear nice clothing. His tight black shirt accentuated his flabby pot gut.

He was wearing glasses. Not even good looking glasses either.

He was clean shaven and a little girley looking. Not good looking girley, more like an ugly girl you would not want to be seen with.

He was not that old either. I would guess around 30. He probably was married and had young kids. His wife probably sent him out to get something she forgot. But even when you are married with children you need to make an effort to look decent.

At that age a man starts to look bad because your youthful looks are going away and you start to gain weight. But this is not a death sentence. There is hope. You can look good even with a flabby gut, bad eyes and getting older.

Right Wardrobe for Men

Just do the opposite of what I described.

Wear good looking shoes of some kind. You cannot go wrong with ankle high black leather or brown leather boots that have some type of heel. You need black and brown boots to go with whatever pants you are wearing. All white casual tennis shoes, like by K-Swiss, are good for going to the store. Do not wear garish, outlandishly colored running shoes. These outrageous colors do not look good for normal use, or any use. White always looks good in athletic type shoes.

When you go out wear a good pair of jeans or chino type pants. Even if you are sick and are running to the store to get medicine you can throw on jeans. Jeans do not need to be washed that often. You only need a few pairs of jeans. When you get home, hang them back up carefully in the closet. You need to have 2 or 3 pairs of jeans that fit you right and that are dark colored. These jeans should be more loose, not extremely tight. Tight jeans are not good for men because they put too much pressure on your genitals. This is especially a problem with fatter men. You cannot really go by the waist size. You may need to get a much larger waist size to ensure plenty of room for your private parts. You always need to wear a belt.

Have only good looking sweatshirts and light weight jackets made by the normal clothing companies. Fleece type jackets and sweatshirts are good. Throw out your grey sweatshirts.

Throw away all your black t-shirts unless you are very young, very muscular and very good looking. The farther you are away from being young, muscular and good looking the more you need to eliminate black from your shirt choices.

There are exercises you can do to help your pot belly and flabby belly be more in control so it doesn't stick out so far. By all means, work on losing weight. Eat better, and exercise. But you can look good with a bigger belly by dressing right and getting some control over your gut.

Glasses still rarely look good, especially on fatter men. It is better to wear contacts most of the time when you are out.

It is so rare to see a fat man wearing glasses that looks good. If you insist on doing that you need to really spend a lot of money on your glasses and get the ones that really look good. The problem is that men have bigger heads, especially fatter men and the little glasses look kind of girlish.

Your looks improve immediately with contacts. If you wear glasses you have to do everything else right. It is so hard to do that.

Start growing some facial hair. Some fatter men start looking like ugly fat women. No one will mistake you for a woman if you have facial hair. It is your face and it is your right to have facial hair. Maybe the type of work you do requires a clean shaven face, although I cannot think what that would be.

If so, you can at least let work on your sideburns. Sideburns look great on all men when they come down to the bottom of your ears or a little lower than your ears. Another tactic for work is to not shave on Thursdays through Sundays. That way you are getting the good looking scruff for 4 days out of the week.

More Wardrobe for Men Tips

By doing what I described the guy at Piggly Wiggly would have been considered a good looking, dashing man rather than an example of an ugly, nerdy dweeb without a clue on how to build a nice wardrobe for men.

The thing about grocery stores is that there are normally very cute, young check out girls and good looking women of all ages shopping there. All women eat so you want to look good whenever you are in a location where women are.

It is far easier to just incorporate these ideas into your life so that you do not have to think about it too much. You should not have to think about wearing your good clothes when you go out, because you only have good clothes in your closet. Do you see what I mean? You will never wear ugly clothes if you have no ugly clothes. You will have things in mind for whatever circumstances you are in. You do not want to spend that much time and energy thinking about your wardrobe for men.

You shouldn't have to worry about how you look in glasses if you wear contacts most of the time.

If you just make it a point to always look your best you will never look bad.

You just adjust your lifestyle so that you easily look good in every circumstance. You do not want to make this too hard. Your wardrobe for men is made easier by eliminating the worst things to wear and do.

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