Your Health and Wellness
Is Dependent on Keeping Active

Who doesn't want health and wellness? It is high on everyone's list. Once you have lost your health it is difficult to get it back, if you ever do.

It is so easy to stop exercising and to stop any attempt at staying fit and in shape. A totally sedentary life seems to be the norm for more and more men.

The types of work men do are more and more into sit down jobs. Then when you relax it is more and more sitting.

Then as you age you are told to do less and less.

The way to counteract all this is to never give up having physical activity in your life.

What you don't want to do is make the mistake of phasing totally out of physical activity as you age.

You may have to cut back, slow down, limit or reduce, but you cannot stop. You can never stop.

This is what happens to so many men. They get to a certain age and think they are too old to do that anymore.

These men get in the chair and rarely get out. They give up yard work. They quit gardening. They stop lifting weights if they even ever started. They give up hunting, fishing and golfing. They quit making the effort to go to ballgames. They stop doing projects around the house.

All these activities are what makes a man alive. Once you stop them you will wither and you will decay at a much faster rate.

I have known men in their 80's who chop wood, work in the garden, golf and even farm. They are, of course, much slower and more limited, but they are active. They look and feel much younger than their years.

I have also known men in their 30's who look like they are 60. This was me. I am the classic man who works in an office and then goes home to sit at home. I did some yard work and work around the house, but I did not lift weights or make an effort to keep more fit.

That was then, this is now. Now I lift. Now I walk. Now I make an effort to keep more fit. Now I realize that the reason I looked so bad and felt worse was that I did not participate in any heavy physical exercise.

Now, I lift and lift heavy. It doesn't take that long either. Lifting weights or doing any heavy physical activity goes a long way. You do not need to spend hours a day on health and wellness. But you do need to spend some time and plenty of effort. That is why I use the Static Contraction Training method. It is very intense, very effective, very safe and best of all it does not take much time.

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Everyone knows that you will slow down somewhat, maybe quite a bit. But the point is to keep doing whatever you have been doing forever. Maybe not as well. Maybe not as much. Maybe not at such a fast speed but you just keep at it.

The not doing is what makes you old.

A better way is to say, I will continue to do this forever, but at a pace that I want to do.

Once you stop a physical activity, your body will deteriorate rapidly.

The best activity to maintain your muscles is weight training. If you continue to weight train you will continue to look good and feel good for decades longer than men who do not. This is the most important activity to start and never quit.

Weight training is the best because it does not take that long and there are long gaps between training sessions for recovery. The recovery is important to men at any age, but especially as you age.

It is not easy, but it is simple. It does not have to take up much time. Other activities take a long time to create the same type of overload that you need.

The best life for men is one of continual daily or at least multiple sessions each week of physical activity of some kind.

You just cannot hope to have health and wellness without this. It will not happen.

There are wonderful resources that can be tailored to your level of health and fitness. You can learn a lot more on how to get slimmer, lose weight and get fit at E Slimmer - The Complete Slimming Guide and at this resource - Health and Fitness Needs You do not have to continue to struggle with poor health and wellness. You can move towards wellness.

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