Easier Weight Management

The massive will power needed for weight management is not what I am interested in. I prefer to find easier ways to eat less.

I am not perfect and a long way from my ideal weight but I am making progress. Here are some suggestions:

Weight Management Tips

1) Eat much smaller breakfasts. Normally you will not really be that hungry when you get up unless you went to bed hungry or spent most of the night romping around in wild sex. Wallace Wattles even writes about waiting to eat until you have worked for a day. His view is that you would not eat anything until noon. That may or may not work for you, but you can easily eat a lot less in a day by having a much smaller breakfast. My favorite small breakfast is 2 eggs, over easy, fried in butter with a small glass of 2% milk. I drink black coffee and water the rest of the morning until lunch. It appears to me that the only ones who gain from people eating big breakfasts are the cereal makers.

2) Do not have any snacks in the morning. If you are busy doing the things you want to do and need to do all morning you will not be hungry. It is only when you are not busy or doing mindless, boring things that you will want to relieve the boredom and tedium by eating.

3) Have a much smaller lunch than you normally do. An easy way to do this is to just eat half of what you normally eat. If you have a sandwich, only eat half. If you normally have multiple items, eat half of them or half as many. I gave up bread for the most part. I do not eat very many sandwiches anymore. I just bring the meat and cheese with no bread. I then have an apple or orange and drink water, never soda.

4) Do not have any snacks in the afternoon. Again, if you are busy with life, working, studying, doing chores, errands, or something fun you will not have the desire to snack.

5) If you do need to snack in the morning or afternoon have the best snack of all - black coffee or tea. Coffee and tea have no calories if you do not add anything to them. Not lattes, no cream, no sugar, no chocolate.

6) Save the sweet snacks and flavored coffee for occasional treats. Instead of a daily big latte, have a daily black coffee and a weekly latte. Do you see what I mean, you are not depriving yourself continually. You have the good stuff, just not so much.

7) Eat a large dinner. You will be hungry by evening. Now is the time for the big meal.

8) Center the big dinner around plenty of meat. The meat is what you need to feel good and stay healthy. Eat more meat and less carbohydrates. I only eat a carbohydrate after I lift weights. The rest of the days I rarely have pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. Along with the meat have more vegetables. Maybe some fruit.

9) Only have desert some days, not every day.

10) Eat even less often on the weekends. I do still eat a small breakfast early in the morning on work days. But on weekends I wait to eat a larger breakfast in the late morning. Then I east just 2 meals on the weekend instead of three.

11) Find a good weight loss program. I have just started Zero Resistance Weight Loss. This program works on your subconscious to retrain yourself to release the weight.

These are starting guidelines for effective weight management. They work a lot better than the stuff you see being spouted off about big breakfasts, medium lunches and small dinners. It should be the opposite of that. Eating a lot of meat at your evening meal is the key to controlling your hunger.

It is also the key to building and keeping your muscles. You will not build or keep any muscles without a lot of meat at your evening meal, with your lunch and plenty of eggs.

Do not believe the nonsense about eating multiple small meals as a way to lose weight. You will just end up eating a lot more. The multiple small meals is a spin off from bodybuilders trying to gain weight. If you want to gain weight, you have to eat multiple meals. If you are skinny and want to gain, you just eat all the time. It should be obvious, but it is not.

Skinny people do not eat that often or that much. Fatter people eat often and eat more. You just cannot hope to have an effective weight management program by eating all the time. You just find ways to eat less and eat less often.

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