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I love the Static Contraction Training method that Pete Sisco developed. It is the best workout for older men and men who do not want to spend too much time working out. Men with a life, in other words.

Major Benefits of Static Contraction Training by Pete Sisco

1) I only do a weight training workout once a week at the most. Sometimes twice a month. When I first started I could work out 2 times a week. After less than a month I had to reduce that to once a week. Now I am at twice a month.

2) You don't feel guilty about this schedule because you are lifting so hard and heavy when you do workout.

3) You become stronger than you have ever been in your life.

4) You get bigger muscles than you have ever had in your life.

5) You are working safely in a power rack, pull down machine and leg press sled, so there is no danger of weights dropping on you.

6) You do not need a training partner because you are well protected in the power rack and on the leg press sled.

7) You are only moving the weight in your strongest position so the chance of injury is low.

8) You can do this type of lifting with old injuries. I have a shoulder problem that makes it impossible for me to do full range of motion lifting even with tiny weights. With Static Contraction Training I can bench, do shoulder presses and close grip bench presses in spite of my shoulder problem.

9) I love to lift, but not that much or that often. Going to the gym many times a week is just not what I want to do. I have so many other things I need to do and want to do that multiple trips to the gym would just get in the way.

Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout!

What is Static Contraction Training ?

It is a method of training developed by Pete Sisco. You lift very heavy weights a very short distance and hold the weight briefly. Pete explains the methods all thoroughly in the link below:

Click Here for Static Contraction workout!

Things you may not like about Static Contraction Training:

1) If you like to go to the gym a lot, then this type of lifting will not work for you. You will quickly become very over-trained. If you need to go to the gym a lot you will not be able to lift on all those other days. You will have to do light intensity type stuff. You can use the cardio machines, the tanning booth, do stretching, yoga, the pool, just not any lifting.

2) You may get some funny looks in the gym. This type of lifting is just so different than what people are used to. I just concentrate on doing the work and rarely look around or talk to others. You will be in and out of the gym so fast others will not have much of chance to bother you.

3) You will only be in the gym 2 to 4 times a month so you will not have a chance to make friends.

4) People may be afraid of you because the amount of weight you will be putting on the bar and the sled will be so huge. You will blow their minds.

5) Your clothes will start to get tighter because of the muscles you will be developing.

6) You will have to join a gym because it is rare to have a home gym with the type of strong equipment and all the plates you are going to need.

7) You will be tired from your workouts because you will have to be gathering so many 45 pound plates. Then there is the putting them on the bar and then taking them off and putting them back a few minutes later.

Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout!

I just cannot recommend this workout highly enough. If you want to be stronger than you have ever been in your life and you want to develop this strength as fast as possible in the shortest time possible.

Click Here for Static Contraction workout!

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Static Contraction Training

Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout!

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