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Living Large

Living large is underrated.

I think the economy partly sucks because we have being listening to the cries of consumerism and reduce, reuse , recycle long enough that it is taking effect.

The effect of all this manipulation is that people are not buying new things. They are not buying extra homes or new homes.

They are not buying new cars. They are not going on vacations. They are just not doing much.

That is the problem.

We are all just sitting around waiting to die. Holding onto what little money we have and trying not to spend it. In the process we have become a world of hoarders and misers, living out a meager existence.

Is that how you want to be? Is that how you want it?

I don't. I want a lot. But I cannot do all this alone. If no one will buy anything, that is what happens.

We listen too much to the small, shrill voices commanding us to reduce our spending, to avoid consumerism, to recycle and to reuse. In the process we are all losing.

The only way to get things moving is to use things and acquire new things. This is so obvious but not understood at all.

Instead of me living in a 2 bedroom, 1,000 square foot apartment with 2 kids I would be happier in a much larger home here, another home up north close to my family and a third home in a warm weather climate.

Instead of two old cars for me and my teenage son I should have 3 or 4 newer cars for the 2 of us.

Instead of never traveling, I should be taking 2 or 3 trips a year with my kids and another 2 or 3 with friends and 2 or 3 by myself.

Instead of always buying things on sale I should be buying exactly what I want.

My life is being lived small. Billions of people around the world are living in this same, small way.

The people who are actually living large are so few. But they are the ones who are living life in a good way.

We are all brainwashed to think that living small is the best thing for us. Religions, tyrants, governments, environmentalists and busybodies all think they know best for the rest of us.

We should be telling them all to take a hike instead of meekly following their commands.

Why do we listen to a fool like Al Gore demanding that we save the planet when he himself flies around the world in private jets, drives in luxury cars and lives in a fabulous mansion or two?

We shouldn't listen. We should be trying to be live large like he does.

Why can't you buy more of what you want?

Why can't you get a new car or 3?

Why can't you build a new home or 2?

Why can't you travel where and when you want?

That is the way you need to be. Not living small, living large.

Living large is how the world got to the level of wealth it is at. Living small is why it is so bad now. Continuing to live small will not help the world. Only living large will save the world. Living small only serves to make your own life miserable. Striving to live large is what makes your life great.

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