How to Determine What
An Abundant Life
Looks Like to YOu

What will an abundant life be like?

I think it is crucial for you to start thinking about this and to actually write down what you want and what abundance means to you. How else are you going to know when it shows up? How else will you know what to appreciate? How else will you know from day to day what to do to work toward this ideal life?

You will not have an abundant life if you do not spend any time planning what it is. I spent most of my life not thinking this way. It always seemed like a waste because it was too hard to visualize that I would actually get what I wanted.

But it worked, because I never thought about what I wanted, I never got what I wanted. An abundant life eluded me because I spent no time thinking about it and making it so.

Here are the type of questions you can ask yourself to help you clarify what you consider your ideal life. I have written out many of the things I consider to be ideal to help you gain my understanding of this critical issue.

An Abundant Life Questions

1) What will I do to earn a living in an abundant life?

My ideal abundant life is spent working on the internet writing articles like this, promoting good products from others and creating informational books, reports and articles that people find very helpful, easy to use and understand. I want to help people get over their problems, avoid trouble and improve their lives by providing as much good information as I can find.

Working on your business if one of the most satisfying ways of improving your life. I have spent many happy hours working on mine. I do have a normal 40 hour a week job. But I do not bother with the normal ways of spending my spare time with excessive TV, shopping, gossiping, dealing with clutter and chaos, worrying about celebrities or politicians. I work on my business. If you are serious about making a better life for yourself read Starting a Business Guide.

2) Where will I live in an abundant life?

An abundant life is split between a few different places depending on the season and the years ahead. I do no see myself owning one expensive home. I see myself having one modest home in the country near my family that is what I consider my home base. This home is purposely modest, paid for, easy to pay taxes and utilities on and inexpensive to maintain. It is near my family so they can act as caretakers when I am not there and keep an eye on it. I go there to relax, recharge, visit with family, get back to nature. It is also my retreat in the country in case everything falls apart. I want a place like this so I always have a place to go. It is modest, not luxurious. It fits into the area well and does not attract the wrong type of attention.

My life now and for the next few years will be spent in the small Village I currently live in. My children go to middle school and high school here and they are very happy and content here. The schools are considered very good and the area and schools are very safe. We are far from the problems of urban decay. I am renting now and plan on renting a place a notch or two up the scale in the near future. There are certain amenities that I currently have that I want to keep and there are certain things that I want in a somewhat better place.

As time goes by I would anticipate moving in a different direction depending on what would be best for my children.

There are a number of ideas I am considering like renting in some other cities nearby to spend part of the year somewhere else. Another possibility is purchasing a large recreational vehicle and using this to live part time in other areas and to travel with.

I see myself spending less and less time in winter months in Wisconsin. I see myself as I get older spending winters in the south, possibly even abroad. An abundant life to me means I live where I choose and live in different areas to take advantage of the weather and features.

The types of things I like in a home are pretty standard for most men. I want a large master bedroom suite with walk-in closet, master bathroom, carpeted floors, soundproof walls, windows overlooking beautiful scenery and a private deck to the outdoors. I want a nice kitchen that is large and easy to prepare food in as well as nice for eating a relaxing meal. I want spacious and convenient, clutter free entry areas. I want a comfortable living room to relax in. I want comfortable furniture and beautiful furnishings. I want nice bedrooms for my children so they are comfortable and happy and have their privacy. I want central air conditioning. I want a washer and a dryer. I want a deck right off the back door in full sun. I want a garage. I want additional parking for my kids and guests cars. I want high-speed wireless internet access. I want privacy.

3) Where will I go in an abundant life"

An abundant life to me includes travel. I want to see much of the United States as well as the rest of the world. I am not happy not traveling. There is so much to see and do. Travel has always been one of my most treasured activities and my memory is full of this. I spent most of my marriage not traveling so that was one of the problems. To be fair to my ex-wife, we had small children and to me traveling at that time was just too difficult to comprehend.

I love to just get around my home area. I love short and long road trips, whether for an hour or the weekend. Just driving is fun. Being someplace a little different for a few hours is invigorating. I like to visit family and friends at their homes. Travel does not have to be expensive. An abundant life does not always require large amounts of money. Sometimes it is just the doing it.

4) Who will I spend time with in an abundant life?

Are you happy with the people closest to you? I was not happy with my wife. This was the most terrible time in my life. I go over all this in my book - How to Leave Your Wife. If you are married, your wife will be the person most critical to your happiness or your lack of happiness. In other words, if you have a bad marriage, you will not have an abundant life. If you think your marriage is great or you want some additional guidance, read more at Man Loves A Woman. You will have a bad life with a bad marriage. You really need to look at this. You are only fooling yourself if you think you can have a good life with a bad marriage. I know this because this was my life. I kept trying too hard to have a good life working toward my goals and going after my dreams. But all these things were thwarted by my wife. I find it much easier to what I want without being married. My time is more my own. At this time in my life getting married again does not seem like something I would ever do again. The bad memories are so overpowering. If you have a great marriage and you love, cherish and honor your wife. If she is the most important person in the world to you and you to her, then you have won. You have the ideal life already. But if you are reading this, you probably don't. These types of marriages seem pretty rare to me. You may want to consider more short term romances as I have.

I still love seeing my old friends. Everyone is busy so we don't get together that much. But when we do it is special. Lots of fun, lots of laughs. Lots of reminiscing. Lots of fun in the moment. Lots to look forward to in the future.

My kids live with me. They are so wonderful to just have by me. We don't even need to do that much. I spend my time taking care of things so they can concentrate on school, their part-time jobs, activities that they want to do and their friends. I want to always be there for them for whatever they need. I want them to be able to depend on me. Truthfully, when I was married, they could not depend on me. I was weak and beaten down by my wife. I was not a strong, protective father who did what was right for his kids, I was just a hen-pecked husband who tried to avoid the wrath of his wife. Since I have left my wife I have never been stronger or a better father. If I would not have left my wife I shudder to think of the mess all 4 of us would be in.

I love to meet new people, especially women. I go out with many different women each year. I may meet a special one to be with full-time, but now I am enjoying as many women as I can.

I like to mingle with new people when I travel and go out. Sometimes we can develop nice friendships in a day or evening. Vacationing, traveling and partying brings the friendliness out in people. This is part of the reason I love it so much.

5) What type of women will I be with?

I love good-looking, sexy women who are full of fun, adventurous, great kissers and who love sex. The women I am with have to be kind to my children and treat me with respect and decency.

6) How will I maintain my health?

I will do whatever it takes to maintain my health, my looks and maintain a youthful appearance and vitality. I will maintain a lean, muscular, masculine look. I will eat good food most of the time. When I do indulge in less than good food it will be for special occasions and be something I really want. I will drink good, fresh coffee. I will continue to drink plenty of water and milk. Sometimes I will drink ice tea and diet soda. I do not drink alcohol that much, when I do, it will be light beer, wine or some mixed drinks. I will get plenty of sleep. I will get new beds when needed and comfortable bedding. I will take naps as needed. I will continue to lift heavy weights once a week or so, walk nearly every day and do flexibility exercises nearly every day. I may try different exercise routines and physical activities as I get in better shape, have more time and develop those interests. I may choose to take lessons of certain sports and activities to get better at them. This may include hunting, fishing, golf, skiing, scuba diving, caving and dancing. I will certainly continue to do my main activity of hiking in the wilderness and walking while sight seeing.

7) What will I spend my money on?

I will spend a small percentage of my money on housing. I choose not to make this a large portion preferring to do other things with the money I earn and have. I will make more money so my housing is of a good quality. I will get the vehicle or vehicles that make the most sense to me. I choose to have a 4 door, 4 wheel drive, 1/2 ton Ford pickup truck that is blue in color and full of accessories. I will travel a great deal. I will buy the things that make me most happy. I will spend plenty of money on my children to ensure they have a good quality of life. I will continue to buy the type of clothes and shoes that I look the best in and that are the most comfortable. I will give my family the type of gifts that enrich their lives and that I have always wanted to give to them. I will be generous with my friends so that when we do things together, they never have to worry about if they can afford it.

8) And the last category is a list of what you won't do, who you won't see and what you will not believe. If you can just stop doing the things you hate and avoid the people who are not good for you, an abundant life is guaranteed.

I choose to avoid my ex-wife as much as possible. When I do see her I am kind, respectful to her. I choose to not believe in governments, religions and anyone who would say that I do not have a right to do the things I have written here. If someone says that I cannot have an abundant life, that is a person I will not listen to.

You can choose to do all of this. Truthfully as I have been working through the Secret of Deliberate Creation I have been able to make enormous strides in even writing this down. This program is tremendous and you might want to learn more about it at Secret of Deliberate Creation.

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