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I find it much more satisfying to engage in prosperous thinking rather than always thinking of spending less, finding deals, driving a hard bargain and wondering and worrying about why other people are spending so much.

It is always so tempting to wonder aloud how someone buys what they buy and do what they do. Where I grew up it was common to say I wonder how so and so can afford that such and such? As if by so and so buying the such and such, is was hurting you. Since you do not approve of what they are buying, or if it was too much, that hurts you.

I never understood that way of thinking. Maybe I always have had a prosperous thinking attitude. But it hardly ever bothered me when other people had more. I wanted what they had, not for them to have less.

I normally thought good for you. That is a beautiful home, or a really nice car or I want to take a trip like that.

The opposite view is maddening because it is so easy to get caught up in it. Whenever someone says why do they get to do that and who do they think they are? This is not the prosperous thinking that will help you.

My view is that the more rich people there are, the better we will all be. Besides, I consider myself in the process of getting rich. I want to be rich and it is only a matter of time.

Thinking that you are poor, or destined to be poor,or will remain poor no matter what you do is not empowering. It is saying poor, little old me. It is victim talk.

This lack programming does not help you because it causes you to dampen down your desires to the point where you really have no desire for anything. The more you dampen down your desire the less you will act and the lazier you will become.

The worst words you can say to yourself are - I can't.

The worst words you can say to someone else are - You can't.

I get the most satisfaction thinking of what I would spend money on. I get the least satisfaction and the most frustration thinking that I will never afford what I want.

I think what I want and write out lists. It is just a matter of time and circumstances until those things come to me.

You are not engaged in prosperous thinking if your main satisfaction is seeing other people not spend money. This is really stupid, but very common.

I do find myself being irritated by government spending. It is our money they have stolen, so I am right and they are wrong. They should not spend so much, so grandly and so wastefully. But how does this type of thinking help me? It does not. There is nothing I can do about what they do. I am not going to go to the Village Hall where I live, stand on the counter and complain about their wasteful, foolish spending and their restrictive rules and regulations. The Village where I live has dozens of cops who would love the chance to cave in my skull. Why would I subject my life to that? The result would be me beaten and imprisoned. People would just consider me an anti-government nut who deserves a good beating.

Besides, you don't want to spend too much time worrying about the abuses of government. The government will eventually topple. The main idea is that it is the governments job to take from you, to steal as much as possible without you squawking too loudly about it. If you protest too much, they will just imprison or kill you. How can you have a good life dead or in prison?

Your job is to live your life as you see fit. To enjoy each day as much as possible with as much fun and freedom as possible.

No, I write what I would like to do, but I am mostly interested in what I can do to make my life great. Great now, not later when government falls. The government is an obstacle, no doubt. But others have gotten past this obstacle and are doing well. Why not you and why not I?

How does bringing other people down, build you up?

It doesn't.

There is no joy seeing other people suffer. There is only joy enjoying yourself.

There does seem to be a portion of people who do enjoy seeing others suffer and they seem to be actively finding ways to continue keeping people down.

But that is not me and that is not you.

You and I are only interested in building people up and doing well.

I call this type of thinking as the old way and the new way.

The old way is causing people to suffer, keeping them down, making them think they are less and keeping them living in misery and lack. Keeping them in line.

The new way is the opposite. Everyone is doing great. There are few restrictions. Abundance is everywhere and all can enjoy it.

Don't worry about what other people do or don't do, what they think or don't think or what they buy or don't buy.

Let everyone be as free as you want to be.

The reason the prosperous thinking is so important is really because poor or broke thinking is so harmful.

Being poor, broke, or even thinking poor or broke causes you to feel bad about yourself. You think that you are less. You think you do not matter. You think you are poor because you do not deserve to be well off. You think you are broke because you don't matter. You think you have less because you are less.

To a poor person, money is everything. But this is all wrong. A rich person uses money to obtain a better life. A better life is what is important.

Can you see how this is a vicious circle that keeps spiraling you downward?

You need to think rich.

Not spend rich, buying what you cannot afford at this time, but changing your thinking to prosperous thinking.

You cannot get rich hoping rich people will become poor. You only become rich by thinking rich and doing what rich people do.

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